Digital Wallets Like Yoyo's & Monzo

Hola Monzo community,

At my place of work all the cafes, shops, bars take payment from an app called YoYo. I would guess that payments through this app are cheaper to make than having card machines, and it’s possible to load the app with offers and rewards which make it attractive.

However, these payments appear on my Monzo as just YoYoWallet over and over again.

Would be fabulous if Monzo could hook into YoYo and others like it so that the transaction has more detail. In theory it would be possible to have even more detail than a normal transaction.


How did you link up your Yoyo and Monzo? I can’t figure it out.

You can link it to any card

I hope at some point our API will let you integrate with other platforms, like YoYo, to add more meaningful data. On the other hand, what it would be really cool is for us to be able to offer rewards when you use your Monzo card… so you don’t need to depend on others :slight_smile:

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Yoyo is not just rewards, it’s a payment method - TOTP QR code instead of card. Merchants have bought into using Yoyo’s phone-shape scanners, or they can just use existing bar code readers with most PoS systems.

Deep integration with Monzo would be awesome for both parties, not to mention users.

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So is Monzo :wink: & contactless / Apple Pay (which is on the roadmap) are faster than opening an app & scanning a QR code…

Is there anything that makes payment with Yoyo better at the moment vs using a normal card (apart from the rewards of course)?

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  1. It’s here today, not on a roadmap
  2. It’s cross-platform
  3. No need to carry “a normal card”
  4. Itemised receipts
  5. Rewards-ish, but bulk-buying in advance: I get something like 1/3 off for buying a tonne of coffee vouchers that I know I’ll use
  6. TOTP QR codes behind a PIN are more secure than contactless-supporting card with full card number, expiry, and CVV on it
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Feeding the itemised receipts into Monzo (for smarter categorisation & user reference) & vouchers (which Hugo probably wasn’t referring to) sound great, thanks for sharing that :slight_smile:

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Some places - looking at you Uni of York SU - will only accept yoyo for card payments :angry:

I haven’t seen any places that accept yoyo payments. I don’t even know what it is.

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It’s a system where you link it up with your card, and it gives you a qr code on your phone, which you scan on their reader to pay for items, which are then billed to your card

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Ah right. Never seen it really. Is there any mainstream locations that accept it ?

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The only place I know of is the bars and shop run by the SU at York, but from what i’ve seen on this forum elsewhere I think it might be in some office cafeterias as well…

Ah right. We used a similar system called wio pay but once the “introductory offer” finished. We all find android/apple pay or contactless easier.

I’ve never had much luck with checkouts attempting to scan QR codes / barcodes from my phone (iPhone 6 Plus), even with the brightness turned right up. Tesco handheld scanners seem to work first time every time, but everywhere else has to use manual number entry. For me it begs the question, is it worth the hassle?


Where I work they have a minimum spend on card. But YoYo can be used at any amount.


@alexbrooks sounds good! So following on from Josh & Tom’s discussion, do you use Yoyo outside of that shop at work often?

Yeah I can see this being the reason most places would implement it. We don’t need to being a bank and all :wink:

I can carry my Monzo card without needing to carry my phone or if my phone has a flat battery. Yoyo would need my phone on me all the time or regularly charged up. Can’t see the advantage.


I agree there. I normally just carry my monzo card so it’s just as easy to use that over most other methods.