Digital cheque processing

I have recently received a few cheques and the current process for getting them into my Monzo bank account is extremely long winded and difficult given we are in 2021.

My colleagues at work who have all received the same cheques have been able to log into their online banking with several different high street banks respectfully and been able to process their cheques by taking a photo of the front and back of their cheque. Where is this feature with Monzo, I am incredibly proud to have a Monzo account as they are some of the most forward thinking bank accounts of recent years, but this is still a process which is a little I’m the dark ages.

Please incorporate a function for this, I understand that cheques are trying to be phased out in the world, but while they are still around it would be nice to have a smoother and simpler way to process them.

Thank you.

If you have a search, this is covered a lot.

In summary, it’s not coming, certainly not anytime soon.


Here’s the main thread

There has been much discussion over this. It’s basically not happening soon, if ever. If you need to deposit cheques, the best advice is to use another bank.

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Open a Starling account. You’ll be able to scan a cheque in and spend the funds within about 10 minutes, on a good day.

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I feel your pain and it’s a shame it’s unlikely to arrive :(.

I didn’t realise that Starling cleared cheques that fast!


It’s because they’ve only got 5 customers :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


It’s generally 48 hours so not sure where the 10 mins has come from. I’m scanning some later I’ll start a timer going once it’s scanned in :sweat_smile:

Or their systems to process cheques are far in advance of Monzo’s…

It’s usually been next working day in my experience, as long as it has been scanned before 5pm.

Well I’m past the 10 minute mark ah ha, see what happens tomorrow. I’ve always been between 1 - 2 working days