Difficulty setting up council tax direct debit

Just purchased my first house (woo) and naturally needed to pay for council tax.

However their system doesn’t recognise our joint account. I’m guessing this is a teething issue from how relatively new Monzo joint accounts? On the phone I was told it was being rejected by their “direct debit system”.

Every other utility, life insurance, bank, etc has had zero issues. Trust my local council to be absolutely useless when it comes to IT infrastructure :man_facepalming:

Is there anything to be done or will I have to use another account to setup my council tax direct debit?



Not sure if acceptance@monzo.com works here (or at all any more), but basically they need to update their systems or force the sort code through over the phone if automated methods don’t work.

This. Then CASS it.

There’s a few councils that are like this sadly.

We don’t use the Direct Debit setup for Council Tax from the Joint account.

Instead, we have a scheduled payment that sends payment from our JA to our council tax account number on a monthly basis (for 10 months) - under our control.

Never failed so far.


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