Different Monzo top ups on bank statement

Hi everyone.

Sometimes my bank card is used to top-up several Monzo accounts, one being my parents who are starting to use it more often. I’m just wondering whether different Monzo top-ups relating to different accounts can be shown on my bank statement as they are all… MONZO 083472384723 (number) and if I topped up £100 and my parents topped up £100 I can’t tell which account relates to which top-up if that makes sense?

Could a Monzo account have an account number identifier to show on bank statements?

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My understanding is that the you’re essentially making your payments to a single merchant, when you top up your Monzo card, which is why your bank doesn’t pick up any identifying information about the account that you’re topping up.

I’d be surprised if it’s feasible for Monzo to create a dedicated merchant account for each Monzo account, with an identifier in it’s name, to address your use case.

I could be unaware of an alternative option that Monzo has for dealing with this though.

If this is a significant issue for you, my suggestion would be to top the accounts by bank transfer, which would enable you to include an identifier in the reference for that transfer.

This is a great suggestion @carlm_7. We’re using Stripe for topups and they do provide a way to set the statement descriptor on a per-transaction basis: https://stripe.com/docs/api#create_charge-statement_descriptor

This is something we’ll look at adding to the topup functionality for the current account, but I don’t think we’ll change it on the prepaid cards.