Detect payment in, and move to pots

I read that the api can send out webhooks … but it doesn’t actually say what actions trigger a webhook

In particular, is there one to detect a payment =IN= from a particular source? I could then use the API to move an amount to pots each time. (It has to recognise the source as payment is made every four weeks as opposed to a set day each month)

If “push comes to shove”, I can filter via my site script. If there os a webhook along the lines of “Payment from Aunt Sal”, “Payment from Peter”, “Payment from DWP”, I can run the rest of the script only when it sees “DWP” and login via Oauth etc. and then move to pots.

Any ideas?

Hi @cristofayre the webhook isnt something I personally use but it will indiscriminently send alerts for any transaction, it is upto your code to decide what it wants to do with the data.

When the document says “Each time a matching event occurs, we will make a POST call to the URL you provide” it really just means when a transaction occurs for the given account, there is no filter as such. It is an all or nothing type affair.

Thanks for the info. Sounds a bit like the Clickbank IPN, ie if there is a sale, refund. chargeback etc, a notification is sent, and it is up to the PHP on server to decode. For some reason (?) I thought it might be like Stripe where you tell the server, “I want notifications for X, Y and Z”

It may be academic now as I think the “Salary Sorter” will do what I need, ie when a payment comes in from XYZ, it automatically splits into pots. I thought I was going to have to do it “manually” as in check webhook for payment from XYZ, then OAuth into account to split into pots. Strangely, support never suggested the “Salary Sorter” route!

Pretty sure salary sorter isn’t automated. You still have to press a button

I don’t know, but from what I’ve read, it think it said if used once, it will auto split the money if it sees a payment from the same source a second time. (Can’t test it as it’s only active for 72 hrs after payment hits account, and I came in about 10 days after payment)

Even hitting one button might not be so bad as I move funds to 8 pots, (water bill, sewerage bill, phone, mobile etc all Direct Debits) So I might still need to access the webhook so I get notified when payment comes in. (Annoyingly, it’s not on a set date, but every four weeks. so it jumps to a different day each month!)

Salary sorter is manual but its either it remembers how you split it the last time or it can be configured, cant remember which, you just need to go into the app and look at the details for the transaction.

Regarding being every 4 weeks, that might cause a problem with salary sorter once or twice a year you will have 2 transaction for the same direct debit in a month that you may need to consider. It might be worth setting it so that each payment has say 10%-15% more going into the pot every month.

I’ve marked the dates in my diary, and you’re right, two or three times a year, there are two payments in a month.Will have to watch points for those months, (although - in theory - if it’s picking up the account no / sort code of payment in, it SHOULD recognise it the second time) Will have to wait until next payment, and then give the sorter a try to see what it can or can’t do.