Destiny 2

Anyone played ?
Its free on steam and is a good game in my opinion

reminds me of half life 2 and halo sort of mixed together

I recently picked it up - I actually got the base game free with my graphics card about a year ago but never booted it up.

I played Destiny 1 but burned out just after the first “expansion” because there was very little being added. Now that it has cross save (and fingers crossed cross play will be added in time) I play on both Xbox (where my friends are) and PC.

The gun play is obviously it’s biggest positive, unsurprising given it’s Bungie. I’m enjoying some of the zones added, still not explored them all yet. The gameplay is still a bit grindy and repetitive and the loot shower can get a bit tedious trying to compare pieces and maximise stats.

The gear rolls and stats are hugely overwhelming from a newcomer standpoint. There is little online I can find to try and get my head around it. I’ve had to have a friend explain half the stuff for me. For example when I was stacking void energy gear only as a Sentinel Titan because I was under the impression gear should ideally match the spec you are. There is no explanation in game as to what that energy is for (outside of gear perks) and whether it’s a resistance or power increase for your spec.

The switch between platform can be a little jarring too. Guns seem to handle differently and damage is different. For example I acquired the Riskrunner SMG when on PC, equipped it and was smashing through everything and loving the gun. Then I went on console later that day with some friends to find out that from similar shooting ranges it was merely tickling enemies, even when chaining lightning it was noticeably lower damage. I now have to think about which weapons to use on which platform which is a shame.

I’m glad they split from Activision though and I think it shows given there is actually a bunch of stuff to do in the game, I’ve put a good chunk of time in and still have 35ish missions in my log. Just a shame I don’t have enough friends playing to raid as I dislike heavily coordinated raids with random people.

It’ll definitely fill the void for me until CB2077 comes around.

Energy style weapons take down shields easier, you match the colour of the energy (void, solar or arc) to the colour of the enemy shield.

It would be near on impossible with randoms, you need heavy comms and a team you can trust.

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Takes a bit of figuring out how to get into the action, but i gather you walk around finding objectives to do ?

TBH Destiny 2 has evolved a lot since launch. It recently went free to play with “New Light” and is really leaning into its MMO RPG side. For free you get access to The Red War which was the base campaign plus some other smaller expansions,

I would start with the red war story line :slight_smile:

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If you ever need someone to run a few strikes with you just holla .

I was speaking more of gear rather than weapons, I knew about weapons for D1 as requiring them for Nightfalls and such - which still annoys me because I like keeping as few weapons with me as possible.

The fact that gear comes with different energy types was confusing to me at first. I don’t recall whether Destiny 1 had the same kind of thing, but if it did it wasn’t something I remember.

I should add that for the first three months of Destiny 1, I was deep in to it, raid leading and such with my clan. Being a big Halo fan (Halo 2 is still my favourite game of all time), I expected more from Bungie. I hadn’t actually picked up Destiny again in general until the other weekend, which is why I’m super hazy on it.

How comes such a big budget game is free on steam but costs money on the PS4

I’m not on PS4 but New Light should be free. The major expansions cost money (I got some cheaper codes from CDKeys for the Shadowkeep expansion, not bothered with Forsaken just yet), but it doesn’t stop you from enjoying a large portion of the game.

Ok I sort of get it.

I did the intro on my own, and now when I load the game I can choose a planet and some objectives/missions to do with other people online, is that right ?

Pretty much.

Grab some bounties from specific people at the tower and you can generally complete them just by playing and I’m sure you get access to all planets/open world areas regardless of expansion.

You should have access to some strikes, a few raids and most PvP modes.

You can continually upgrade your gears light level in line with other players (I think). It really slows down once you hit 900 and upgrades become minimally incremental. Mine practically hit a wall at about 913 and after grinding for a specific SMG (The Recluse) from the PvP modes I found that this was a great way at raising my gear level quite quickly.

If something was released as part of Shadowkeep or Forsaken then you won’t be-able to complete the story or gain any of the gear or weapons released with them.

If you want to experience previous storylines, visit the Hangar at the Tower, the woman selling ships will give you the start of 3(?) different storylines prior to New Lights release.