Crysis or Crysis 2?

Like me first person shooters like Counterstrike GO and COD etc
Which Crysis is best, 1 or 2 ?
Running on a PC with Steam


The first one, then the third one. I’d suggest skipping 2.

It’s a bit old now, but Half Life 2 and Bioshock are worth checking out if you haven’t already.


Finished HL2 back in the day, brilliant game

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Definitely first one

Second one is awful


First one it is then. Thanks

Gonna get Warframe as it’s free on Steam at the moment.

Jesus Christ just play both dude.

2 is £20 and 1 is £10 so not exactly cheap, want to see others opinions first before I buy

Try CeX you’ll find Crysis for like a quid.

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Warframe is always free, it’s a freemium game (but done right). It’s good though, if you have the time to put into it.

Don’t have CD or DVD drive in my pc that’s the thing, I know i could get an external one however