Designing the Monzo App - JAM 2016 - Presentation 📺

(Alex Sherwood) #1

It took a while but JAM London have just uploaded Hugo’s presentation at the 2016 event :tada:

“We’re building a bank because banks are shit”

The slides from Hugo’s presentation a few days ago -

Featuring -

A preview of some new weekly spending reports :eyes:

Edit - struck out text following Hugo’s reply to this post.

which looks like it might help with this use case -

& a close up of the new spending tab (I’m guessing this is about to replace the Send tab) -

& lastly, some love for this post

No video yet but

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Monzo Video Diary :tv: (Open Wiki)
Global fintech awards
Roadmap Updates :rocket:
(Alex Sherwood) #2

Oh & apparently Monzo’s halfway through mobilization (the final step before the launch of the bank) too, which would mean that the launch is due within the next 4 months :eyes: :eyes: :eyes:

Although that’s still in the 6-9 months bucket on the roadmap.


See Hugo’s comments below :cry:

Building a Bank with Go - Presentation :tv:
(Hugo Cornejo) #3

OMG @alexs Nothing can escape your radar, amazing :heart_eyes:

Ouch, those reports are actually from really back in the day, even before the Alpha :slight_smile:

Regarding mobilisation, that slide was just an example to talk about how long it does take to become a bank, don’t pay too much attention to the actual dates :wink:

Building a Bank with Go - Presentation :tv:
(Alex Sherwood) #4

:see_no_evil: I should have spotted the old school design! :blush:

(JoeO) #5

…just as I was starting to get excited :frowning:

(Alex Sherwood) #6

The video of the presentation was added to the 1st post today :arrow_up:

(Investor) #7

Thanks for adding that @alexs, @hugo that was very entertaining and well presented!

(Jonas Templestein) #8

“People love this shit” - Hugo