What happened to the comparison with average spending? 2

Well its been almost a month now and I really can’t get along with targets.
Tracking my average spend gave me a much better indication of how I was doing on a daily basis and allowed to me to see, at a glance, whether my spending was out of control or not.

I’ve gone into more detail elsewhere and (as also mentioned elsewhere) I am not sure why adding targets necessitated the removal of the average spend feature (aside from the screen real-estate needed to display the info but that seems like an easily solved problem).

I’m keeping my fingers crossed…


You did already post a topic about this here -

which you could have just bumped to the top of the list by adding your comment to it…so now you have a duplicate (which makes it harder for Monzo to check the interest in this feature) & none of the useful comments from other members in this thread :grimacing:

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My bad!

I wasnt sure whether to add to that topic as that was in Bug reports and this is not really a bug.
I wasnt even really sure that my last one was a bug report - as I indicated at the time - but this time I know it is not a bug report :slight_smile: so I thought it best to leave a definitive comment under Feedback (which others that feel the same could react to).

However, point taken, my apologies if it adds work for anyone.

No worries, I’ve change the category for you :slight_smile:

To give you some update. We’re always monitoring the impact of every change in the app so we might bring the average comparison back or, even better, something a bit more useful (you’d be surprised by the amount of people that didn’t understand what the average figure represented).


No worries! I know this sort of thing is easy to overlook & you obviously put some thought into it so thanks.

Probably best to just change the category of the earlier post, now that that’s been clarified Looks like Hugo’s beaten you to it! :slight_smile: