Description/note for non-monzo payees


I absolutely love Monzo and think everyone should have it. But, not everyone does have it and when making payments to non-monzo accounts it is sometimes difficult to remember which of my saved payee’s accounts is which with only a name, account number and sort code. I especially have this problem if it’s my own account with a different bank.

Adding a feature to include a note/description of a payee would be great and make transferring money to non-monzo payee’s a lot easier, quicker and a more ‘monzo-like’ experience. Cheers,


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Before someone else gets in…

Payee management is coming soon (an updated version).

Let’s all hope and pray it’s good!


Temporary fix - Add a note in brackets after the name.

Sort Code - 00-00-00
Account - 12345678
Payee - Bob Marley (Lloyds Account)