Deleting the App

One of the chat agents suggested I delete the app (Android) and re-download it as transaction notifications are random atm. He stated that when doing this fingerprint login would need to be reset. If fingerprint login doesn’t work does that mean I have to login using a physical password as I’ve got no record of a physical password. I don’t want to delete the app & have difficulties getting back in.

You have no password for Monzo. You log into the app by having the app email you a login link.

You will need your card’s PIN too.


You’ve got no record of a password because Monzo don’t use passwords.

After you reinstall the app, you will be asked to enter your email address (the one you registered with Monzo). Monzo will send you a ‘magic link’ email that will then log the app in to your account.

You may also need to enter your card’s PIN for further verification once the app has logged in.

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If notifications are “random” it’s more likely your device that is at fault rather than the Monzo app.

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I sometimes get delayed notification for ‘Paid early’ it’ll come through 10 minutes after completing it some weeks, others not. It can be down to Monzo, not the device

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These were transactions like Costa or M&S Café where they normally come through immediately after tapping but now they aren’t.