Delete Payees suggested/previous/cached reference

Hi everyone :wave:

I had sent a friend some money for an Amazon order as they were on a computer, and I was on a train on the phone to them.

Now when I send money to that person I am suggested Amazon as a reference, which is getting a bit annoying as this was a one off payment with that reference.

I can’t seem to find a way to remove the previous reference/auto-suggestion (as well as a few other people’s old reference I sent as one offs Nandos, shop, sent and asoifjakds).

I have tried:

  • Deleting the account under the payee and re-adding
  • Deleting the entire Payee, re-creating the payee and re-adding the account
  • Creating a new Payee with a altered version of the name, and re-adding the account
  • Speaking to COps (been waiting for 13 hours, 59 minutes and 42 seconds for a specialist)

Now I turn to my resourceful community! Help me please, this is terribly frustrating.

PS. Using an iPhone, I have access to an Android tablet


You cant remove them but if you tap in the reference box you can change the reference each time

It’s not life ending, more very annoying, something I wasn’t aware of, now when I send regulars money, I am reminded of the Roosters I sent someone from 2017…
So 100% can’t be done, yeah?

I’ve never seen anyone mention that it can be and I’ve just had a play and can’t see a way. If you have enough references then you’d need to scroll to see it

This sucks, let me give that a try, still quiet annoying, COps are now going to ask the troubleshoot team. I am willing to bomb all my payees and start again, anything!

I can’t imagine deleting the payees and recreating them would have any impact, as the reference list is probably sourced from all the payments you’ve made to that sortcode/account combination. No clue how this would be fixed if that’s the case tbh.

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I figured that as well.

I was hoping, that some magical json file holds my payees details or in a db or someting, and when I delete my payee it deletes everything about the payee, monzo would have no reason to hold on to the old references for payee’s accounts that don’t exist… right?

Maybe I need to delete, and wait for it to ‘really’ be deleted.

Clutching at straws here, can you tell?