Add descriptions / notes to pots

What do you all think of the ability to give a longer description to a pot. Instead of a pot called “holiday” with a goal of £1500. I want to be able to provide a description of the individual things I’m saving for. Say, “plane” £400, “hotel” £500, “spending money” £600.

I would suggest a second larger (description) text box, could provide this functionality.


I’m not sure why you would need a long description for a pot. In your example you’ve given I’d just use separate pots because they’d each have different goal amounts and times that I’d need to hit the targets for. EG. The plane tickets goal needs to be hit before the spending money.


I’d prefer grouped pots or, more accurately, split pots. Or goals within pots, perhaps. Create a pot called Holiday and add goals for Hotel, Car hire and spending money etc.


This would be great to see. Would allow you to organise pots a lot better.


Ok, I’m currently moving from a part-furnished house to an unfurnished house. I currently have an Excel document with everything I need to buy and what each thing will cost.

I couldn’t imagine making different pots for, deposit, first/last month rent, sofa, bed, fridge, washing machine, van rent…

This is why I feel being able to remind my self why my pot has a goal of £3146 with some kind of description or break down could be useful.

I think this could be especially useful with shared accounts.


I can understand it to a degree but in your example you’ve already solved the issue. You have a spreadsheet, nice and neat, with formulas and tabular data. This would look a mess as a text box in an app and wouldn’t give you anywhere near the level of control you’d want.

You’ve done the math and worked out a total. I can’t see why you would second guess yourself, but if you needed reminding you have your spreadsheet :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t go as granular with pots as you said, with fridge, sofa, washing machine etc either.

Without your deposit and first months rent everything else is redundant.

So I’d start with 2 pots (or maybe combine them into 1):

  • House Deposit
  • First months rent

Then only when those goals are met I would it be worthwhile for me to save for things to go into the house. Otherwise as you said, you will have shed loads of pots and looking at your goals, progress would be extremely slow.

I’m not saying you’re wrong for having this idea, if it would help you then that’s great! :slight_smile: I just can’t see it being useful beyond a handful of situations, that couldn’t already be solved a different approach.


Or this idea would be better:

That’s fair enough, I posted this to see what others thought.

This is just something that would be useful to me and might have been useful to others.

Redshift’s post is probably a better implementation of what I was thinking.

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For me, I’ve squashed some descriptive detail into the pot title that would work better in a description field of some sort. I’d certainly use it.


I’d find the ability to add notes to pots very useful to keep track of things related to what’s in the pot. This feature would be another good step towards Monzo becoming a place to store all your financial info.

Multiple sub goals for a Pot would also be really useful.


Now that bills pots are coming, I wondered whether people’s opinions have changed on this?

Came here to suggest the same thing.

I pay our flat bills, so: Water, Internet, Sky, cleaner, council tax, TV licence etc etc and it comes to something like £398… a notes section would be handy particularly if these aren’t DDs so I have to manually pay them.

Probably a better example is I play a few different sports so rather than separate messy pots of ‘5 a side pot, Gym pot, Rugby pot’ I lump them into 1 pot so a notes section would be handy.

This is probably a ‘nice to have’ rather than ‘must have’ feature for me (I’m not likely to forget my bills!) - particularly as DDs can come direct from pots now… However I’d imagine it’s relatively simple to implement so why not?

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Would it be possible to put a notes field within a pot. I would find it handy to make some notes apart from the title as I now have lots of pots for little things.

Hey Robert - That’s not something we’ve looked into, but thanks for making the topic so that other users can vote! That way we can see if it’s something folks want :grinning:


Gets my vote!

This would be very useful for myself. I currently keep a note on my fone of what my breakdown in my marcus account is in terms of savings against each item.

Would be nice not having to have lots of individual Car pots (tax, insurance, breakdown pots) and could just have 1 car pot with a note saying its breakdown

This has been suggested before, you can vote for it here:


Thanks @Ordog. I’ve merged the topics! :raised_hands:

This idea would be great! It’s very small feature but can be so useful. Something like creating a savings pot saying “£50 to dave” “£85 to sue”, instead of creating multiple pots.

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Think this would be helpful for things like a general “Christmas” pot, but you can write down in the notes who’s presents you’ve brought and what money is for what etc - helps to do a bit more planning.

Also means you can provide relevant dates (where you don’t want to lock the pot entirely!)

One thing I would also love is adding metadata to pots - as a developer this would unlock so many capabilities!


What do you mean by adding metadata?