Debit card transaction comes through as Credit Card transaction

Overseas at the moment and we’re supposed to get a 2% discount on debit card transactions here.

But everytime I use it, the transaction comes through as credit card.
The lady in the supermarket was puzzled also.

She put it through as debit card in the machine as always, says debit on the card, but when it comes out it says credit card without the discount.

This is widespread.

Is this a bug or just the way international payments are processed? How can we stop this?


Discount from who?

Does the discount apply to foreign issued debit cards too?

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Yes should be any debit cards - why it’s coming through as a credit card transaction I do not know.

Only a couple of small places have I seen this 2% discount on my card.

I have a couple of virtual debit cards (Revolut and Zeux).
Both of these give me the 2% discount when used online.

It’s a government policy. Applies to all debit card users.

So you went abroad and the government of abroad is giving a 2% discount?

Is your Rev card a GBP one or has it got a different currency on it?

Rev card is GBP as are all my other cards. This 2% has been a policy for many years here.

I’m curious. Where is here?

In the middle of nowhere and one of the few places where covid-19 has not spread due to the instant measures taken by the government.

I’m guessing Uruguay :man_shrugging:t3:

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Why won’t you just tell us where? People are trying to help you but you give half a story. If it is country X then people who have been to country X might be able to help.


It’s Abroard. Small county between Overseas and Off the beaten track. Chief exports are stuff and things


Oh, I bought a wotsit from there. The import duty from abroad was quite high, but very good quality doohickies.


I misremembered

They’re in overseas. I always forget which is which after the bitter civil war which split the former kingdom of ‘A long way off’. It was a bitter dispute which caused much hardship to cartographers



Okay been busy at work. Calm down guys be patient.
Here in Uruguay. Not sure if it’s relevant though.

Probably more of a payment platform issue rather than location issue.

Yep import duties are insane. No car imports allowed either.

I should be a private eye 🕵🏼‍♂️


Are the other cards you’re using VISA or Mastercard?

My feeling here is that the issue is that most places are treating your card as a credit card because their software assumes that all Mastercards are credit cards.

Yep was thinking that. You caught me straight away

Master in the shops. I will try my Revolut visa one time to see what happens.
Managed to get one in wilkos luckily.