Deactivate app on device message


Running Monzo app on Android 10,Lenovo only 2 years old!Got a message within app saying it is going to be deactivated on my device soon,Why is this?I moved app of my old Samsung using android 5 to new device as I know that was no longer being supported…Not a virus or fake message direct in Monzo app message…Any help appreciated

Hi @BillynoNuzz & welcome :wave:

Do you have a screenshot of the message?

Android 10 is over four years old and Android is notoriously poor for security updates, so the shelf life can be shorter. So it could be the case that you’re no longer supported.

Can you update to a newer version?

As per this:

We support a fixed number of OS versions: 4 versions of iOS and 8 versions of Android.

At the moment, we support iOS 14 and later, and Android 7 and later. When iOS 18 and Android 15 come out in 2024, we will stop supporting iOS 14 and Android 7.

So, seems it’s the device, not the Android version that they’re dropping support for, that or you’ve not updated your mobile app in forever, and that’s the out of date version!

Update Android and update the Monzo app.

What model phone do you have? If it’s 2 years old from when you bought it, that’s not necessarily when it was released so it could be much older.