DC vs marvel

Just trying to watch the Harly Quinn film not that impressed. Maybe it’s because I prefer Marvel to DC stuff. Really enjoying Wondervision and the latest twist and turns on the TV series.

+1 for Marvel.

Jury still out though for WandaVision (though WonderVision probably more appropriate lol)

Only watch it really for Elizabeth Olsen :crazy_face:

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I personally loved Birds of Prey. It’s a silly film in lots of way but I thought so fun?

Harley Quinn is one of my fav comics characters as well. Would highly recommend the animated series that started a year or so ago too.

I’ve never watched Birds of Prey,

I don’t have much knowledge when it comes to Harley Quinn’s backstory or the comics, but I love most of the DC and Marvel films!

Having used to work for a cinema you kind of had to enjoy them :wink:

I have the day off tomorrow and am looking for something to watch, would my time be wasted watching Birds of Prey?


Give it a go and see what you think.

DC do some really good tv shows

Doom Patrol is amazing, Swamp Thing was really, shame it got cancelled after the first season, and Stargirl was quite a fun show to.

Pennyworth is totally worth the watch too and as mentioned the Harley Quinn animated show is really funny too!

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One of my favourite DC series which has finished and I am gutted was shield.

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I enjoyed all but one of the seasons of Agents of Shield.

The one season went totally wild with imagination and out of this world script that it lost me a bit for a while.

My kids have just discovered it, however, are only on season one, so far.


None of the DC movies / appeal to me but I know that the TV shows have generally been far more popular than Marvel’s attempts.

What Marvel have done over the last decade is just incredible. They took a bunch of C list characters and made them A+. Who the hell cared about (/even knew) Thor / Antman / Dr Strange / Guardians before the movies.

It’s mainstream and over saturated now but Marvel were pretty much kneecapped at the start and still made it work without their crown jewels (Spider-man / X-Men).

Conversely, DC can’t seem to get away from Superman and Batman. Just a perfect illustration of constraints pushing you to do better work.

Not even Joker?

Or did you mean the DC Universe type ones, in which case I agree.

One of the DC films I did like was aqau man liked the story and it didn’t feel as dark as there modern ejlen versions of batman and super man. I still prefer Christian slaters bat man.

Christian Slater