Danny's Ice Cream

(Tom ) #10

That was me. Excitement of ice cream got me all in a tizz.

(Hugh) #11


(extra words for semantic analysis thing)

(Frank) #12

It’s all about Ben and Jerry’s Chocolate Fudge Brownie! :heart_eyes: A tub of that seems to disappear very quickly.

(Frank) #13

Your all caps just reminded me of that scene in The Ringer: “When the f*** did we get ice-cream” :joy:

(Colin Robinson) #14

Haagen Dazs Salted Caramel for me please :slight_smile:

(Brian Hunter) #15

I don’t mess with anything other than mint choc chip.

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(Leon) #16

Rum and raisin as well as chocolate, strawberry and vanilla and finally mint choc chip.


If you’re talking salted caramel, it has to Marshfield Farm ice cream!!

(If there's the wrong end of a stick, you'll find me holding it.) #18

Is there’s a Tunnock’s Tea Cake one?

(Eve) #19

Häagen-Dazs everything (especially matcha and strawberry cheesecake) and Ben & Jerry’s Phish Food.

I don’t think you guys appreciate ice cream enough. Häagen-Dazs used to cost me $25.90 /pint back home (£14). They now have an amazing limited time offer of only $30 for 3 pints!! Whoa!! (£5/ pint). Sweet deals!! I eat a LOT of ice cream here. Just because I can.

Ice cream rant over.


Haagen Dazs and similar are meh. Nothing beats the ice cream bar/café I used to have near my previous workplace - their raspberry ice cream was the best I ever tried. :heart_eyes:

(I should’ve taken a picture of mine as well but I’m the kind of person to think about eating it and not Instagramming it :joy:)

(Colin Robinson) #21

If ever you’re in Cambridge then make sure you check out Jack’s Gelato!


Rum and Raisin or Mint Choc Chip

(Dónal Murray-Ferris) #23

If we are talking Ben and Jerry’s then it’s all about Cookie Dough. For normal ice cream places you cant beat mint choc chip or Honeycomb (which in Northern Ireland we call Pooh Bear).


If you’re in London, the best ice cream by a country mile can be found at http://www.lagelatiera.co.uk


I can vouch for that too - one of the main reasons I still go to other side of Westfield Stratford :slight_smile:

(Brian Hunter) #26

I was happy to see that Ben and Jerry’s brought back their mint choc chip - winter wonderland I think it’s called. Kinda underwhelmed.

(Brexit Day Is Gonna Be Shamayzing.) #27

Is that Gelato or Ice Cream?

Are they the same or not, I swear a different texture to Gelato?

(Brian Hunter) #28

Ice Cream. Don’t recall having every tried Gelato to be honest.

This is the one. http://www.benjerry.co.uk/whats-new/2014/winter-wonderland

Minter Wonderland. How could I have missed that…

(Bob) #29

Gelato is just the Italian word for ice cream :wink: