Daily/weekly spent

I want to keep track of my daily expenditure. I am quite strict with savings and I have told to myself not to spend more than certain amount per day/week.
I would find very useful a small section in the “spending” section with small numbers with this information, maybe a text stating “you are spending an average of ‘x’ daily, this is ‘z’ weekly”.
Just an idea! :sparkling_heart:


Not what you want but maybe an interim work around Try the # function add the to the notes and tags of the transaction a year week day tag #2018wk1d1 day 2 use #2018wk1d2 and so on use the search function as the tag is entered into the search parameters it will return the transition and amount there is allot post by Monzo on the tags function released last week I think or maybe try downloading the transactions. There is a redesign of spending in progress there is a video on the you tube channel

The loot pre payment card app has a pretty nice UI that shows this info without being in your face.