Daily totals missing for some days in All Activity view

Since updating to the new UI i’ve noticed that the total daily spend is missing for some days. This is when you look at the activity → all activity.

Looking just in August so far this month i’m missing total daily spend for the 10th, 12th, 14th, 15th, 16th, 17th, todays (18th) daily total is showing.

Anyone have any ideas? If not i’ll post in the bug forum.

Stupid question: did you spend stuff on those days, on your main current account card?

There’s only a total if something happened on that day.

Yep, a couple of examples. So yesterday I made a purchase in co-op for £2.65 but there is no total value against “Yesterday”.

On the 16th I spent £67.13 but again no total against the date.

However on the 11th August for example I spent £86.06 and that does show up.

Yeah for days where nothing has happend there’s simply no entry for that day as expected.

OK just noticed something.

On the home screen, under my accounts it shows the last 5 transactions and then you can click see all. That’s what i’ve been using and where i’m seeing some of the days are missing daily totals.

Now i’ve just clicked the card at the top of the home screen and that also brings up all the transactions for that account. In this view the daily totals are showing up every day.

So looks like it’s just an issue when viewing activity via the home screen.

The home screen is deliberately a list of the last transactions, and not a replica of the “full activity feed” that you get by clicking “See All” :slight_smile:

The issue is visible (or rather not visible) when I click the See All option to view all the activity. It matches exactly what I see when accessing the activities via the card method but for some reason just misses the daily totals for some of the days.

Do you have positive values coming in on those days? ie, you haven’t spent more than you had coming in.

Spent: £50
Inbound: £55
Therefore no total showing?

Here’s an example from the 14th August where I spent £382.93. The screenshot just shows the last transaction I made that day from Amazon but I had a few more to make it to £382.93.

As you can see the daily total is visible in one, but missing on the other.

On the 2nd one - does it show other transactions, that the first one doesn’t. Which would take you into not spending money, and having overall net into positive transactions in? :thinking:

Unfortunately, I’ve not got a joint account, so can’t comment - but that’s the only situation that it should/should not show. :slight_smile:

Both views show exactly the same transactions. The only difference I can see is the missing daily total.

I think (after some digging) - there’s pot transfers which have been taken into account on one & not on the other :slight_smile:

I think you’ve got it. In the old UI and when viewing activity by clicking the card the figure next to the day shows how much you’ve spent that day.

The activity view from the home page takes away any pot transfers from the daily spend. So let’s say I spend £50 today and later on this evening transfer £100 out of one of my pots it will no longer show how much I’ve spent today as the pot transfer is greater than what I’ve spent.

If I make a pot transfer that’s less than what I spent that day it will show partially what I spent, daily spend - pot transfer amount.

The latter seems completely off because what you’ve spent that day shouldn’t be influenced by how you’re organising your money that day via pot transfers.

Also it’s confusing that the same figure is being calculated differently depending where you view it in the UI.

I’m assuming this is s bug with the new UI then.

I don’t think it’s a bug :smiling_face: