Cynergy Bank

I was looking around at different Current Accounts and came across this bank called “Cynergy Bank”. Looking into it they seem to be a bank based in Crypus but with a branch here in the UK.

They do offer Current Accounts protected by FSCS. So I mean it’s a proper current account.

Looking into the eligibility and stuff I don’t really see anything stopping anyone from getting it. (I assume their is a credit check thou).

But I have found that in their “Identification Requirements” it says that you need to have documents certified by a “Current UK Bank, Solicitor, Accountant or Post Office”. (Screenshot below)

Personally I have never seen this while applying for a UK Current Account.

I have attached a link to the Website both with for the Current Account page and also the “Identification Requirements” page.

Some help understand all of this would be amazing!

It says only on request, because ordinarily they will use the standard online verification process, so if you’ve been verified by that mechanism before, I don’t think you need worry about the alternative verification methods.

Even if that happened, the Post Office do this for £12.75:

Handelsbanken also ask for this if you can’t go into branch personally.

You have Handelsbanken?

No, I can’t be arsed to get my documents certified and posted like it’s 1991 plus the account fee is ridiculous for a basic account with nothing standout to offer.

I’m not that dedicated to card collecting.

Ohhhh i’m tempted now!


£25 monthly management fee just to have a personal banker you can call but no decent interest rates etc.

They used to be able to tailor these products to you but thanks to FCAs fair customer outcomes it seems it’s gone downhill.

I did once see a Handelsbanken business debit card in my boss’s hand. It wasn’t that exciting :rofl:

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There’s a Handelsbanken branch in Wrexham I walk past most days, nobody goes in, nobody comes out :sweat_smile:

Is more just an office.

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What ya doing there? You’re a Northerner ain’t ya?

No, I moved home in December

On topic of Handelsbanken, I thought the one in Manchester was abandoned and Apple Maps was wrong. Apparently not.

I opened a Cynergy EUR account, got asked for certified but turns out they have an unadvertised digital ID process. Turned out the account was more or less unusable so I closed it. The UK one could have had some uses but the authenticator means you need a second device to login. Fine for savings, probably not current. I’m not sure if it’s USP.

There are other minor current accounts out there like ICICI which you could try as well. I’m not embarking on anything like that any time soon!

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How it started:

How it is going:

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You already been suspended?

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I’m not surprised it doesn’t work. They ignored my question about a hard search for over a year :joy:

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I opened a Cynergy ISA when it had a market leading rate. I can promise you the experience is like no other (unless you are living in 2006 still)

  • No mobile banking, just an app that scans special QR codes for 2FA
  • Internet banking looks worse than Cater Allen, I’m surprised it doesn’t need Flash player to work
  • Transfers are not instant, often 1 working day+
  • Very limited Open Banking support so good luck connecting to your budgeting tools

On the up side, their customer support (once you’re actually a customer) is okay with response times.

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