Customise printed name on debit card

Just got my current account debit card and one idea struck me straight away.

Something my Amex allows me to do that’s a nice touch is pick how I want my name to appear on the card before it’s printed/reprinted.

eg. Foo Bar Baz Qux can be printed in various different ways, like:

Mr Foo Bar Baz Qux
Mr Foo Qux
F B B Qux
F Qux

Nice if you’ve signed up with your first, middle, and last name so the bank have them on record, but don’t want the whole thing printed on your card.

I think this is how it’s been built for the current account. Coming very soon!


bunq (the Dutch fintech bank) allows you to do this - as well as writing a line of text of your own which will be printed on the back of the card under your name. it’s a nice touch