Trans People Will Soon Be Able to Use Chosen Names on Debit Cards


Asking for i.d. to check against the name on the card isn’t that uncommon in the US and is common everywhere when renting cars etc.

Hello yes I would like to rent a debit card

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When replacing Monzo card, it now asks you which name you want to use :blush:

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it’s funny to see mastercard passing this around as a new thing, there’s really nothing stopping anyone from issuing cards with any arbitrary name in the first place, like cough monzo beta cough. i guess with mastercard endorsing it i hope to see more banks allowing for preferred names!

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I believe Mastercard is mandating it.

What if the card has no printed name?

Are Debit/Credit cards meant to have your legal name on them due to banking regulation so they match the account?
Would this not cause issues with online payments etc where users are required to enter thier name as it appears on the bank card?

No they’re not. This is why you can currently have your preferred name on your Monzo card :slight_smile: