Customer Service: Monzo vs Starling


Just wondering what is current situation with the customer support between the two companies in 2021? Has any improved?

Personally, I found Monzo response time awfully slow (hours), as for Starling they take only a few minutes. But, the responses from Monzo feel much more pleasant and welcoming and they are eager to get your issue resolved swifty compared to Starling, whom are quite blunt and direct.

What’s your experience?

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Haven’t needed to contact either this year, so can’t say tbh :man_shrugging:

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Let me know when Starling get the same amount of customers as Monzo so we can do a fair comparison.

Sorry, but that isn’t a reason for not comparing something, especially when the OP has already pointed out a difference in tone that has nothing to do with the size of each bank.




Less cheery Starling beats slow Monzo in my experience. But I’ve not had to contact either in a long time.


Both have their ups and downs, there ya go thread done with


You can wait for minutes or hours either. You’re not asking the same questions at the same times so any comparison is completely pointless.


Honestly from my personal experiences with both that’s pretty much a perfect description.

I’d much prefer a quick direct response (Starling) than a long awaited reply with someone trying to be my friend (Monzo).

I remember having my card cloned at starling years ago when they first launched and the customer service team were on point, but also had a sense of humour. All solved within 3 minutes of my initial message, including card replacement ordered and refund of transactions.

Can’t imagine the stress of having this issue and waiting hours on end for a reply etc.


I don’t think that’s relevant - both monzo and starling are pretty stable and have matched their customer service provision to their customer numbers (in contrast, Chase clearly have a large customer service team who are sat around waiting for customers to join, and the ratio of support staff to customers is unlikely to be sustained).

My limited experience with both starling (reopening an old account) and monzo (payments in excess of the usually limits) have been near faultless.

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Perhaps there is actual evidence out there on the internet of both banks’ customer service provision, rather than anecdotal experiences from a handful of forum users?

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Anecdotes are a form of evidence too though.

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I’m not sure that a small sample of anecdotes from a forum base with a set of built in biases is wholly representative.


yeah there’s no such thing as wholly representive evidence that’s not really how evidence works :wink:

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I don’t think that’s a valid sample point, for the same reason my experience of Monzo responding really quickly and accurately when I had to contact support early on. So much has changed since then and the businesses have scaled so much since.

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I’m not sure there is is. I’ve seen one or two articles that were systematic in comparison of customer service at different banks. But I would still class them as anecdotal since they were based on such small samples (something along the lines of a comparison of experiences based on 5 attempted customer service interactions).

Can’t remember who published these articles though.

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To be fair; the post is just about personal experiences of customer services for both banks.

Almost any thread could be shut down with “maybe we should get better evidence than a few customers on a forum?” It’s how forums work :man_shrugging:

From my experience I’ve preferred Monzo customer service; though my last experience was awful.

I’ve had less experience with Starling customer service though my overriding memory is having to call them instead of going through the app and not liking that (felt strange and the guy sounded fed up with his job).

I suppose equally I could argue that the less contact with customer service you have the better, so having less experience could show a “better” bank for me.


I understand how evidence works. It’s my job.

You stick to working out if Monzo and Starling’s service has improved from a couple of people posting here, and perhaps the OP could source actual studies and surveys as I suggested originally, for themselves and for the rest of us who don’t work on anecdotal “when I happened to call last week Monzo was rubbish” evidence to determine general patterns.

I’ll give the OP a starting point: Google IPSOS Mori and compare the historical service scores.