Custom reset dates on Trends πŸ“†

Are you referring to Trends tab or are you referring to Graphs on Trends?

The former is not a Plus/Premium feature but the latter is.

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Just a note to add that Emma already does this. My payday is usually 26th but this month I was paid on 22nd. Emma has detected this and has automatically set my new budget period for 22 Dec to 25 Jan.

Would be good to see similar behaviour in Monzo Trends.


Literally just the Tab itself, not the premium features that are associated with Trends

The blog post associated with wide release was 5 Oct. It does mention gradual release, but am surprised you don’t have it by now.

My thoughts as well. I get there is a gradual roll out. But based on my experience on this forum and friends with Monzo, I appear to be the only one without Trends :frowning:

This is broken.

I’ve set my Trends to start a month on the 27th or the working day before. I’ve set my budget to the same thing. My budget reset on the 24th but my Trends doesn’t reset until 26th.

They should be the same. What gives?

Yeah, this seems to not be quite right.

I also have the same date set in both summary and trends - 27th or Working day before.

Summary knows that 27th December was a bank holiday in the UK so had my payday as 24th, but Trends doesn’t seem to know this so had my payday as 27th.

Nice to see the option for changing the date now though, I can actually start trying out trends and see how I get on, once we get to next month and it hopefully has the correct payday.



This would actually be super super useful. I’m paid manually and occasionally the person doing it will do it a day or so early, so this would be really useful for those times!

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Loving the Trends roll out - My only niggle is not being able to set up my salary which is paid 13 times a year (4 weekly) like summary has - Any updates on when the 4 weekly period can be set up in trends would be greatly appreciated


I wondered if there is any progress with 28 day four weekly input into trends ? :pray:

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