Custom contributions for multiple roundup pots

It would be awesome if we could choose how much of our roundup is split across other pots.

For example. If I choose my roundups to be contributed to my respective pots in a 70%/30% ratio, I would expect to see 70% of my roundup go to pot x, and 30% go to pot y.

This way, monzo customers can prioritise their pots accordingly, without completely neglecting other pots.

I personally find it hard to keep track of the pots without roundups on it, and they grow at a much slower pace than that of the pots with 100% roundups, as per the current system. Equally, I don’t want to keep alternating which of my pots has the roundup feature switched on, as it leads to a scenario where I’m just swinging between each pot, and neither pot is growing at the rate that represents my saving goals or priorities.

Welcome to the community @Alexpg.

You can achieve this with IFTTT.

If you’re not interested in setting the applets up for yourself then you can use mine but these are unofficial unsupported etc.:

If you want to set up your own applets so you have full control then you’ll sign up as a “developer” on, create your own applet with the following:

  • Trigger: Any card purchase above an amount
  • Action: Move money into a pot

Once you’ve added both of those then in between them click “Add filter code” and you can use this example code below to work out a percentage of the roundup:

var spendVal = parseFloat(Monzo.cardPurchaseAboveAmount.AmountInAccountCurrency)

// Check whether the transaction would have resulted in a round up
  var rem = ( spendVal % 1 )
  if ( rem === 0 )
    // Purchases that are integers do not round up
  } else {
    // Set the pot deposit as 70% of the spare change - amend "0.7" to change the percentage
    var roundUp = ( 1 - rem ).toFixed(2)
    var partRoundUp = (parseFloat(roundUp) * 0.7).toFixed(2)

You’ll need to create one applet for 70% and one for 30% and you’re good to go; any questions let me know :slight_smile: or post them into the support thread.