Roundups on multiple pots

I like the advanced roundup feature however what would be nice is to either
A) spread the roundup across one or multiple pots
B) choose whether the accelerated roundup total is spread or if the roundup is multiplied and added to each pot.

Let’s assume 3 pots are setup.
Spend £1.50.
Round up is 50p
Accelerator is x2 so roundup total is £1.

Then either put £1 in each pot or 33p in each pot or £1 in one pot.

I think that kind of flexibility would be nice and shouldn’t be too complex to implement.

Not a very popular request.

You could achieve something similar yourself with IFTTT. I have round-ups set as usual and then everytime I use my card I have £1 go into a different pot.

What’s IFTTT please?

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