Rounding up with multiple pots

Currently you can only round up with one pot. It’d be great if you could do multiple pots with either:

  1. Round-ups being split across the pots evenly
  2. Being able to set proportion directed to each pot (better)
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I imagine there would be a lot of work needed to go into this to cover every eventuality.

EG. If I buy something for £1.99 how does my 1p get split over 3 pots. Or of it was £1.89, it would need to determine a priority to put 4p in 2 pots and 3p in another.

My mind hurts thinking of the UI and how every scenario could be coded.

It would be cool though if they could overcome this.

Edit: I guess a pyramid structure of your pots would do it. So you set your roundup pots in priority order and it would divide the round up figure across all pots putting the most in the top ones and if any is remaining it will filter through to the ones lower down in the list. :nerd_face:

Or maybe sequentially. Round up one goes to pot one, round up two to pot two, round up three to pot one…

[Edit: Can’t really see the point, though]


Yes, if there’re odd pence, then perhaps you could order the pots in preference, or it could assign them randomly. Splitwise has managed odd pennies, I am sure Monzo can! :wink: