Roundup to Pot and then auto transfer/payment?

I love the round-ups feature, and rounding up to a pot. However, I think it would be great if I could round-up spending across my account to a certain pot.

Then I could auto-transfer from that pot to say my Joint Account Pot (or vice versa).

But then the accumulated roundups are automatically paid on a schedule of my choosing to my credit card.

I have a standard direct debit for Credit Card payments, but the micro transaction of payments to a credit card would be awesome for those of us trying to chip away at a balance.

Likewise, those of us trying to overpay our mortgage, could also use this feature to round-up payments across our monzo accounts and then make regular overpayments to our mortgage.

Sounds like the primary feature you’re asking for is the ability to schedule a transfer that is based on the balance of the pot. e.g. transfer 100% of pot balance on the 1st of every month.

So maybe adding a toggle on this page to change it from an amount to a percentage of the balance;

This would allow you to set up a regular transfer of all of your roundups.


Indeed, that would be perfect.