How many custom categories can be made?

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I wanted to know how many custom categories can be created with either the Plus or Premium account.

Is it unlimited?

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Would have prefered more than that.

What in the lordy for? I’m curious :sweat_smile:

I’d say the basic ones are a bit rubbish but even when I had Plus/Premium I only had ~5 other ones to help understand my spending.

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I have parent categories with sub categories written into the name of the category so that when I use the automated excel import I can then split these up to have a deeper dive into the specific categories and where the main costs occur within the categories.

I personally find it more useful to analyse in more depth.

2 things that would be super useful would be a flexible ability to apply categories and sub categories, and also the ability to read text from a reciept so that when you photograph it it can apply the relevant text into a csv - this isn’t a very complex technology these days.

Maybe it would be worth having a basic setting for Monzo with basic controls and then advanced settings, for nerds who want more ability to adjust in more detail their personal preferences to track finances.

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