Custom Category Creation

I totally know what you mean and I can give some visibility about why that’s the case.

In general we don’t have a roadmap, the closest would be Making Monzo. Back in the day (really back in the day) when we only had one product team we would indeed work in a sequential way, feature after feature. Certainty was high and I could come to the forum often and say “this is what we’ll build next”. Good old days :wink:

We no longer work that way, we have multiple product teams working in parallel, all of them working super hard to optimise different parts of the Monzo experience. None of these teams work directly on custom categories or even budgeting, which makes tricky to prioritise this kind of work. It’s really not about transparency, we really tell you everything about the things we’re building!

In this case however (and that’s why I said I think we’ll probably build it), in the new navigation project there’s the opportunity to revisit part of the work we did for Summary so I can see fit to go and bring custom categories (at last!) to the product… but this might change as the team actually gets to that point. They might prioritise something else if they consider it would have a bigger positive impact than custom categories. Does that make sense?


Thanks for the update @hugo and greatly appreciated.

All sounds very promising, i think custom categories could potentially be my favourite feature if implemented and make budgeting/summary actually useful so look forward to it :pray:


Really looking forward to use this feature! It’s crucial for regular money management.

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Can a hashtag feature for income be possible so I can use it as a sub category style feature for different income

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Hey, had my account a while, only just decided to get stuck in and budget to the max.
Glad there’s so much talk of custom categories.
I would like to be able to create categories like “Lunch”, so I can move & split transactions off into different ones.

Adding this feature would make money management SO much easier, and I would consider it to be almost necessary given the numerous different kinds of transactions one can make over the span of a day that just doesn’t fit in the available categories!

It would also be amazing if we could have custom images for the custom categories to make identifying them by sight easier.


Is this something you guys have started to look into? It would be so useful, the current categories are not quite the right fit for most things that I spend on which is disappointing considering the categorised spend is one of the main reasons I signed up to Monzo


My idea is kind of related to custom categories, I’m not entirely sure it fits here bit I was pointed here from twitter so will post it here anyway.

With Christmas coming up I think a really good feature would be a category (custom category?) that has a budget associated with it. The use case is I have two kids and I want to spend say £200 on each. Every time I buy a present I’d mark it as category “Kid A” or “Kid B” and the app would say “You’ve spent £82 on Kid A and have £118 left to spend on them” or something.

This would be agnostic of months or anything, maybe you’d set an end date on it (Christmas Eve or something) at which point the category would “expire”.

I just think it would be a really good way of keeping track of what you’re spending at Christmas which is probably the most expensive time of year.

However this would rely on splitting a single spending instance across multiple categories but I think the UX for this could be made easy. In the app just select the transaction and change category like you do now but allow multi select on the categories, then if you select more than one you get another screen with sliders to select the amount for each one, the bottom category with be the “main” category and changing the sliders on any categories above it with take away or add to that bottom one which doesn’t have a slider and is just “everything not selected in the other sub categories”.

If that makes sense?


How about 2 pots one for each kid each with £200 in it?

It’s not as detailed as what you’re looking for but it might help in the meantime?


Thanks for the suggestion. However £200 was just an example, it’s likely that we’ll be buying stuff over a few months and a few pay days so likely won’t have all the cash at the start.

I can relate with you there. I have a pot that has a set amount go into it all year round for different types of presents.
I’d be up a creek without it when it comes to those unexpected birthdays!

I have a Gym Payment that goes out and put it under the Personal Care Icon, ideally I’d like a Gym/Leisure Icon as I don’t really think Personal Care covers it?

Lest they be forgotten…


Both good examples.

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Never take up dancing it eats up all your money!

Thanks for your suggestions :heart_eyes:

I think we’ve considered both at some point and we will definitely keep them on mind for future iterations. Problem with them (and the reason we don’t have them yet) is that both require some effort from the users. We’re aiming to build something that (ideally) will require zero effort on your side… so we have a tricky trade-off here, should we give you something very simple knowing that we are leaving some cases out or should we try to cover every edge-case and risk building an overly complex product? We’re still figuring out the right balance :slightly_smiling:

That issue is so easily sidestepped!

Have a simple product at face value, with hidden ability to create custom categories!!

Those that feel the need, will discover the ability (to create custom categories), by asking in chat or searching

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The post you’re replying on is a year old :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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