Add “Drinks” Category

Similar to the “Food & Drink” category, add a category for drinks.

Drinks as in :clinking_glasses::wine_glass:?

That kicked off a lot of debate last time it came up

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Agree drinks or maybe night out would be a good category to have. I class my night out spend as entertainment at the moment…

+1 for this. I agree there needs to be a ‘Drinks’ or ‘Night Out’ Category

Yeah that would be good, have to just lump that in the “entertainment” budget currently

Hopefully this will be fixed by the custom category integration :pray:

If that is still the plan


That would be useful. I asked Dozens for the same thing. R-

What was their response?

Probably gave a Dozen responses

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Oops - bit of a false memory there. I have searched high and low and cannot find a direct question from me. I must have commented on a post about categories within which was the thing about a drinks category. It looks like it’s a WIP. R-

Yeah or like a few people have mentioned a “Night Out” category - something along those lines :+1:t3:

Nothing against the idea personally, might well use it, but there was worries around people who don’t drink, addiction, company image and the like. Custom categories would likely be the best way around all that


If monzo go down the premium route and make custom categories a paid for feature ill also be pushing dozens for it :eyes:

Would rather have Custom Categories, not specific ones that I still can’t change.


I would like a category somewhere between “entertainment” and “eating out”. “Drinks” would satisfy this. I would probably use it for :coffee: more than :cocktail:

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And for people who don’t drink? Let’s make it ‘Night out’. What if it’s not night time, ok, ‘Day Out’, but I only go out at the weekend so ‘Weekend Fun’??

I’m happy people want a specific category for Drinks, but if Monzo go down this route, where does it end? A list of 100 categories to choose from?

Custom Categories is really the only sensible solution. No?


A coffee category would be perfect! The amount I drink and it drives me crazy putting it in eating out!

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Can we also get ‘blackout drunk takeaway’ so that I can categorise how much I spend at Dominos when I am so drunk that I don’t even try and turn the cooker on but awake the next morning with a slice of Pizza glued to my forehead?


They have moctails which still count as drinks lol (joking aside - agree that a custom option would solve all of this)