"Debt" Category

Plain and simple: how about a “Debt” category?

I know you could potentially it down to “Bills” but sometimes debt covers a broad range of things and doesn’t truly reflect actual bills per month (e.g. utilities, rent etc.) hence the idea.

Anyone else on board for this?

I was trying to make categories work for me, and I had a similar requirement, eventually combed through the forum to see what others were doing, and it seems that the ‘finances’ category is widely used for debt, savings and other moves of money - which kind of makes sense. Would it work for you?

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Same as you. I’ve taken the Finances category to basically be thinks that increase net wealth or reduce debt.

So money into invested, paying off debt/overpaying mortgage or into “Rainy Day” savings would all be categorised as “Finances”.

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@supernate that’s actually a good idea I didn’t think of that to be honest :sweat_smile:

There’s me creating a thread for no reason… I’m so sorry :man_facepalming::joy:

Don’t be sorry, a bunch of other people are going to search this subject and get a straight forward answer! I had to do digging - I was :ok_hand:t5: Close to starting a new thread as well lol

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