Custom Category Creation

(Paul B) #589

Custom categories would really help me! I want to know how much I spend on coffee, how much I spend at the gym, how much on cat food (well, I would if I had a cat) etc… I’ve tried using the tags, but they’re just too cumbersome. I need something quick and easy.

Custom sub-categories as well as custom categories would be prefect!

I hope Monzo agree…

(Neil) #590

A Christmas or present category would be good, to track how much you spend on presents etc

(Duncan) #591

I’ve met many who share the sentiment. Something something future business model something. But it definitely sucks for the user.

(Martin) #592

I agree.

Unfortunately this thread seems to suggest that Monzo doesn’t listen to it’s customers. This has been a top request for two years and they’ve constantly refused to implement it, citing various unrelated reasons that don’t make sense, and certainly aren’t a good reason to not allow custom/renamed categories.

Come on Monzo, stop penalizing your users for your own internal reasons. Everything else is good, I’m sure you can work it out.

(Bas) #593

I myself am quite happy with the existing categories but hashtags has to be improved in two ways: 1. It has to auto populate existing hashtags you’ve made (much like apps like Day 1 do) and 2. there has to be a way to look into a hashtag similarly to a category, e.g. total spending on that hashtag, list of all transaction on that hashtag - I myself want to use it to track spending over long periods of time and often forget what I used as a hashtag and I don’t know how’s to look up what I’ve previously used. Please fix this. Thanks a bunch.

(Hugo Cornejo) #594

That’s spot on. We designed hashtags to fill up the gaps of not having custom categories ideally without the downsides of having them. Unfortunately though we’re falling a bit short missing that couple of extra details that would make them really great.

Similarly to what I was answering about Pulse here I feel here we’ve been too ambitious with our UI and the realities of the speedy cadence of delivery we require to grow fast. We’ll try and revisit this and, as always, we’ll evaluate if new categories or even the ability to create custom ones are in order :+1:

Custom Categories - 10
(Ofosua) #595

Hi Monzo team,

Please is there any concrete “good news” about the custom categories yet?

I understand it’s in the pipeline, but wondering how much longer we may have to wait to see it in our apps? Is there a deadline now? :smiley:

(Jack) #596

Nothing confirmed from what I’ve heard.

(MikeF) #597

To date, it’s not in any sort of pipeline. The post above yours suggests that they may reconsider the idea and take a decision at some point in the future but nothing concrete is planned at the moment.


(Splodf) #598

Just wanted to lend some weight to this one and say whilst I can see it’s fairly trivial and somewhat novel idea, I actually think this would be a real marketable feature, something to hang Monzos hat on.


I don’t want custom categories, but I want better categories and subcategories and automatic metadata.

I’d love to hear what Monzo’s plans for categories are - it’s pretty central to budgeting and future features. Custom categories would limit this massively, but such a basic implementation of categories now feels like the data will be useless/ too broad.

(Dave Berry) #600

Three months ago I was totally in the ‘I need custom categories’ group. I’ve been using YNAB for five years and had 50 odd categories. Then I realised that I had things I was saving for, either annual costs or big ticket items, and everything else in categories that I mostly ignored anyway. Other YNABbers out there can probably identify with the whack a mole nature of the system. Now my annuals and savings go in pots (15 pots and joint pots would make my :mondo: life complete), and summary tells me if I’m OK with the rest. I don’t even look at the auto categories, I don’t need them…

(Sean Brown) #601

Custom categories would be amazing !

(Adam) #602

If custom categories aren’t going to happen, any chance you can add in some new ones?

  • Pets
  • Gifts
  • Charity

And if categories aren’t possible, a better UI for tags!

(charles ragg) #603

i see where you are coming from by having a completely automated system, allowing users to tag transactions could help with this. similar to how yolt or money dashboard allows you to tag a transaction based n conditions and all future transactions will be marked with this category, yes there would be a lot of setup but once it is in place it would be a matter of dealing with new outgoing once and then leaving Monzo to do it’s thing.

i see you mention tags as an alternative but there is a few things like like not being able to budget a tag and it is the same amount of work tagging each transaction as it would using custom/sub categories which is arguably the better way of dealing with this.


I’m sure this comes up a lot but categories within Monzo are very frustrating.

Currently I’m in the swing of Christmas gift shopping but have no category for this.

Any news on changes to the categories any time soon?

(Colin Robinson) #605

I stick mine in Shopping but add a :gift: to the Notes section.

(Jack) #606

Most of mine goes under family as that’s who they are for.
As @Dunsford mentions tagging posts could help.


Yeah, I’m already using tags but that doesn’t help within the summary report.

And if you use search to find your tags you can’t limit the date range to match your summary.


I’d love to be able to create my own categories. The default ones really don’t work for me. Even if I could rename them, that would help. Currently I use them for things that are not remotely related to the name. For example, I don’t need an Expenses category, so I use that for “Presents”. But I have to remember what I’ve translated it to which is a pain.