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Does anyone have a list of the custom categories they use in app. So I can use them. I’m terrible of thinking these things up . Also unsure if this has been discussed in a previous topic

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Well what do you spend your money on? What do you want to track?

I have “Big Shop” and “Little Shop” and “Drinks” and “Snacks” “Toys” and another 10 or so.

But you might not want to do it like that.

@Alexxxxx has them so can categorise his Tuesday haircuts differently to his Wednesday haircuts


I’ve run out of categories (more Monzo, please).

But that’s because I have “Work Breakfast” “Work Lunch” and “Work Snacks”.

More seriously, I find creating categories for things that I want to measure, especially if I want to reduce expenditure, is the way to go, rather than trying to find the perfect set.


Wish I could disagree with this but hey :upside_down_face:

My ridiculous list is here: A big update to connected accounts - #58 by Alexxxxx

Think a couple things have changed slightly but more or less the same today.

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Why didn’t I think of the haircut ones :wink::joy:

That’s a good idea

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Ah yeah, I’d seen that list before

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I’ve always followed the mantra of “what gets measured gets done”.

So what metrics are important to you? Are there any generic categories that you wish you had more control over? Where does your spending exceed your goals.

I’d suggest finding the places your bugdet suffers from the most bloat, and narrow those categories into more precise ones.

(In YNAB), instead of eating out, I have drinks/pub, coffee , work meals, meals out.

Etc etc


Marry me please.


Is that because you’ve seen…


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Stationery = marriage material, but good to know there’s kink built in. I did buy my bed in Muji, after all.