Custom Category Creation

(Colin Robinson) #584

I’ve been putting mine in Shopping :shopping: and adding an #Xmas tag :label: :wink:

(Damjo) #585

Very quick post but could we please please please have a category for pets, I e very keen on categorising my spends but the only think I can’t allocate properly are things I purchase for my little fury one ! PLEASE MONZO

(Jack) #586

I tend to tag anything pet related using the family category. After all they are part of my family :heart:. Would that help?

Alternatively you can use hashtags in the notes field as a work around.

(Martin) #587

This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.

(Nathan) #588

Why was this comment flagged? Hmm

Whilst i dont agree completely with it i dont think there is anything that deserves to be flagged

(Paul B) #589

Custom categories would really help me! I want to know how much I spend on coffee, how much I spend at the gym, how much on cat food (well, I would if I had a cat) etc… I’ve tried using the tags, but they’re just too cumbersome. I need something quick and easy.

Custom sub-categories as well as custom categories would be prefect!

I hope Monzo agree…

(Neil) #590

A Christmas or present category would be good, to track how much you spend on presents etc

(Duncan) #591

I’ve met many who share the sentiment. Something something future business model something. But it definitely sucks for the user.

(Martin) #592

I agree.

Unfortunately this thread seems to suggest that Monzo doesn’t listen to it’s customers. This has been a top request for two years and they’ve constantly refused to implement it, citing various unrelated reasons that don’t make sense, and certainly aren’t a good reason to not allow custom/renamed categories.

Come on Monzo, stop penalizing your users for your own internal reasons. Everything else is good, I’m sure you can work it out.

(Bas) #593

I myself am quite happy with the existing categories but hashtags has to be improved in two ways: 1. It has to auto populate existing hashtags you’ve made (much like apps like Day 1 do) and 2. there has to be a way to look into a hashtag similarly to a category, e.g. total spending on that hashtag, list of all transaction on that hashtag - I myself want to use it to track spending over long periods of time and often forget what I used as a hashtag and I don’t know how’s to look up what I’ve previously used. Please fix this. Thanks a bunch.