Custom Categories - Joint Account

Having just signed up to Monzo Plus, I am looking forward to creating some custom categories for my spending, however I appear unable to do so for my joint account transactions.

Is this because a separate ‘plus’ subscription is required for the joint account or because joint accounts do not have this functionality? A great deal of my spending is done from the joint account so without the ability to categorise it this feature isn’t the one I’d hoped it would be.


Its not available on the joint accounts yet, although it doesnt say anything about this on the Monzo Blog post …that I can find, if people read it (?) …it really should be made clear everywhere @tomdavies that the current Monzo plus is for Personal accounts only at this point in time in the advertising before JA users sign up, get the card and then find its not for them, inundate Cops and then cancel …it is wasting Monzo’s resources


Thanks for clarifying. Presumably this will be rolled out for joint accounts eventually. If not this is a bit of a show stopper.


There’s is absolutely NO point in Monzo olus for me if it doesn’t work on my JA. I was just about to sign up then read the tiny print at the bottom about it only upgrading my personal account. This makes it useless to me (and many many others I expect). For FOREVER I have been wanting to pay our subscriptions from a pot like I do our DDRs, and this looked like the solution at last - but sadly no :frowning: Perhaps ONE day…
Monzo has been a God-send for our family budgeting and I am happy to give back a little, but it needs to work!
We have a budget pot for our monthly subscriptions, and another for DDRs. What day they go out is neither here nor there - the money is there for them, but its SUCH a pain having to remember the dates and pull out the money manually - before they get declined! If they just were connected to a virtual card that would be amazing, but ALL our money goes through our JA, so without that being an option I’m still stuck with doing things the difficult way.
Please please add M+ to JAs and let VCs be connected to a specific pot. THEN you will have my custom!


Virtual cards aren’t tied to a pot so you’d still need the money in your main account

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One response I read said when they initially set up the card they could choose a pot for the payments to come from, or choose their main account. They were asking for the ability to edit which pot. I’m not bothered about that, but it’s superfluous anyway if I can’t use it on my JA.

At the moment, there’s only one ‘source’ of money from which a Virtual Card uses - the Personal (Plus) account.

But there is scope for adding sources - like Joint Accounts and therefore Pots linked to such accounts. As for If and When that is released :man_shrugging:

I completely agree. I was excited that Monzo plus was not a load of gimicky insurance products and airport lounge access. It was a chance to get at some of the more powerful software features that I knew Monzo was capable of delivering. Like many in this thread 90% of my spending is done through my joint account. I was going to sign up for Monzo plus until I found out it was for personal accounts only.

I do not need custom catagories to track all the different ways I spend my lunch money.


Signed up a few days ago but disappointed to find that I can’t create categories for my joint account where I do most of my spending. I’ll probably just ride out my 3 months then cancel if there’s no word on JA support.


Get excited. Sign up. See that none of the features work on joint accounts. And then it gets worse. Cancel now and lose features immediately (why can’t I just cancel in advance for the end of the term?!). I love the nice happy blue tick next to the “You need to order a new card”. Joking aside, that’s just petty. Thanks Monzo.

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Reposting on new thread as the previous one was closed down just in case @tomdavies didn’t see it.

Hi @tomdavies and thanks for the feedback re Plus and Joint accounts.

I am sure you can appreciate that as a sole joint account holder then I am obviously keen to understand when Plus may be available to those of us who only use our Monzo Joint accounts.

I signed up briefly to take a look and play with connected accounts, which worked really well with my Barclaycard, but have cancelled again now as it was only a novelty without working on my joint account.

I appreciate the difficulty with mentioning timescales, but knowing the current thoughts of are we talking days, weeks or months would be really great so we can set our expectations.



I second this. A lot of us like your offering and need it to work with joint account, as it’s really totally useless without it.


“Cancel now and lose features immediately”

Really? This is utterly disragraceful; I can’t stress that enough. What possible justification can there be to remove features that have already been paid for, other than to bully customers into remaining subscribed? That sort of treatment does not sit well and I can’t think of (m)any other service providers that operate in this way.

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This could be because they cancelled within 14 days and the £5 fee is actually a fee for the card. There is no fee for cancelling within 14 days if you choose not to order a new card, and you can order the Plus card after 14 days if you want. This should be mentioned more prominently, in my opinion.

Presumably, if someone cancels after 14 days, Monzo leave the service running until the end of the paid up period (or 3 months, if in the first three month minimum term). However, it would be good to get clarification from Monzo on this as I agree that taking features paid for away immediately is wrong.

Joint account plus is definitely an essential, we use our joint account for all the bills, rent, and petrol… these would be nice to categorise into custom categories :disappointed:

Even if it required both users to have plus I’d prefer that to it not being a thing completely

I wouldn’t even be bothered if we didn’t get a holographic joint card, honestly I prefer them being different colours.

If both users have plus then joint should get most the benefits


Definitely agree with this. If both users required a Monzo plus subscription then my partner would very likely sign up also (she would be unlikely to otherwise).

However if joint accounts are excluded altogether then it becomes difficult to justify even a single Monzo plus subscription.

Presumably implementing for joint accounts is pretty straightforward from a technical perspective, which makes you wonder why it hasn’t been done! :thinking:


There are a few things missing with Joint Accounts which makes me believe it isn’t straightforward to implement services which are already running with Personal Accounts. On paper, it’s only an account number which is separate from the Personal account, but maybe the user is the issue because anyone with a Joint Account must also have a Personal account. So the Joint Account seems to be bolted onto the User of a Personal account in some way.

It’ll be a structure thing.

I just had a look at the Plus webpage and there’s not a single thing that suggests it applies to only your personal current account.

I can’t recall what the Plus sign up flow said - but I assume you can only access it from your Current Account drop down (can anyone confirm?)

But eitherway it needs to be much more clear what accounts it does / does not apply to.

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It’s also hard because you’re all in one “account” like login wise and identity wise but you have a current account and a joint account within that…

Although it does not say anywhere that it will support joint accounts, it also doesn’t say anywhere that it doesn’t…

To be honest the only joint feature I would want is custom categories and maybe the auto export as you would be able to combine 3 google sheets into one and kind of have a view of every transaction for your partner, you and your joint account.

Not really bothered if I have a holographic joint card or anything.

If it required both parties to have plus then my partner would also sign up, I’m sure many others would too

Even the Plus sign-up T&C’s are ambiguous;

“If you have a Monzo joint account, only you will benefit from Monzo Plus. Unless the person
you share your account with has Monzo Plus on their personal account.”

Meaning what? Two individual Plus users or two Plus users with a Joint Account which now has Plus features because both users do?

I doubt it is the latter but would love to be wrong on this.