Custom Card Limits

Currently Monzo users have the choice of turning the card on and off by freezing it in the app

Would be nice if we could set daily spend caps or reduce the contactless limit.

Monzo is all about being in control of your money so this would be a nice addition to freezing cards.

You can if you contact support.

I would however be happy to see these in app. Maybe toggles @Peter_G


I thought I’d enlisted your as a warrior in my quest against unnecessary togglage! Next meeting of the Knights of the Toggle will be … interesting :wink:

I’m actually ambivalent but wouldn’t complain at more granular controls à a Starling:

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I agree this could be useful, but might need a little more ‘friction’? If it’s easy to turn off then it might defeat the purpose for some?

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What’s the problem with toggles?

Says the dude who’s never worn a duffel coat :joy: