Ability to turn off contactless

As the title suggests, the ability to turn off contactless on your cards.

I personally never use contactless on my card, I always use Apple Pay and I always have my phone on me. The reason I suggest this is because I see contactless as a potential security issue. If someone stole my card they can take up to £100 through contactless and then they will have to enter a pin, I hope I would notice these transactions and freeze the card before they can spend more than £30 but I feel in a real scenario maybe I wouldn’t notice right away.

Furthermore, there is always the risk of being mugged, where you would loose your card and phone at the same time, then you wouldn’t even be able to freeze your card until you got home (but how would you even get home without any money) Also transaction(s) have already taken place that will need to be disputed and it’s a potential waste of time for all parties. If I really needed to use my physical card to make a payment, there is nothing wrong in using chip and pin, it’s a bit slower but I’d rather take that sacrifice in the rare scenario I do need to use my physical card.

I understand that this probably wouldn’t be used by a lot of people, but just as an extra security step, I don’t see any harm in adding this feature.

I think this has been requested many times. Other banks offer it.

But, to be fair, anyone who steals your card and uses it contactless is spending Monzo’s money, not yours.


It’s probably worth leaving a vote here. There’s a good chance an admin will come along and merge this into that topic too, do agree it’s needed though!

I did have a look through the feedback & ideas to see if it had been suggested before but nothing jumped out at me. Happy to merge this with that thread if there is one kicking around.

I understand getting the money back is not difficult, but just thought if it was added it would save time for everyone involved, when they don’t use contactless at all. Also I feel more and more people are going to start using Apple Pay and Google Pay like in my scenario.

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I’ll leave an upvote here, thanks!

Happy for this to be merged into this thread or left. This is an individual feature request whereas that thread is several features in one. I don’t know what the admins prefer

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A nice to have feature for sure.

I use Apple Pay. I don’t carry my card with me at all. Why have both?

But yes, a nice extra step.