Custom Card Designs

(Tom ) #41

I’ve moved your post here as this is has been requested before.

(Stuart Eagles) #42

I think the Hot Coral card has to stay… it’s brand recognition by now and is a great conversation starter. But I like the idea of the card being translucent, it would be really cool if the card number and details could be holographically etched into the translucent parts of the card!

(Charlie Kelly) #43

Loot have a semi-transparent card. It’s cool.

Monzo have made it pretty clear that any alternatives to Hot Coral are not a thought right now… I love it!

(Simon B) #44

I’ve had the Loot card for about a year, and followed their company with interest. Things seem to have slowed for them, though? Other than their web interface, which I thought was pretty cool, I haven’t seen any significant updates from them in a while.

Do agree that the semi-transparent card is cool, and their packaging was pretty swish too.

(Charlie Kelly) #45

Absolutely agreed. They had some interesting features, and as you said the card and packaging is very nice.

They have absolutely come to a grinding halt though, I haven’t used my Loot card for about 4 months now.

(Damien) #46

Some cool designs here :heart_eyes:

(Jemima) #47

Very colorful… I :purple_heart: them all, id happily use any of them :+1: great job!

(Elliot ) #48

I would be more than happy to pay for a custom image, even if it’s from a selection of pre-approved designs. Great way to support monzo and get a custom card.

(Gavin) #49

Monzo should get a feature where the customers can add like a photo to there bank card

(SimonL) #50

Similar to what Barclays offer being able to upload a photo and they send a new card with it on

(Gavin) #51

Yh would be really cool

(SimonL) #52

Would remove the hot Corel that’s a USP of Monzo tho

(Gavin) #53

Yh i know but would be good for customers to decide if they wanted to add the photo

(Adam) #54

Not my cup of tea, I’d find that quite tacky tbh. I’d rather see some more “hot” colours… Hot lime green, hot electric blue etc etc

But I guess if there was enough desire for it they might consider it.

(Gavin) #55

I would like to see the monzo M on the card in the colours it is on here

(Steve) #56

Would you be willing to pay for it? I imagine it would set you back £10 or so quid?

(Gavin) #57

Sorry what would cost 10 pound

(Steve) #58

A photo card.

(Gavin) #59

Doubt people shpuld pay for it if the quality of the card was better then wouldnt be a problem

(Steve) #60

I don’t think Monzo should offer it for free. It will blatantly incur an additional cost over Hot Coral as it will be a bespoke print, people should have to pay if they want it.

I personally think it’s a gimmick and wouldn’t want it.