Custom Card Designs

(Phil) #21

The ability to create a custom card is the one thing I love about my Barclay card.

(Stuart Ward) #22

While these are pretty cool. I don’t think it will happen, because card designs have to be approved by the scheme operator. But perhaps the card image in the apps Android pay, Apple, Monzo could be these custom designs. I hardly ever take my physical card out of my pocket paying with contactless mostly from my phone. So nobody gets to see the card.

(Wendy smith) #23

Or how about having a photo we chose for our own cards maybe pets children etc may cost too much money but idea x

(Howard) #24

Personalisation is super cool - I’m sure it could inject some va va voom into pots at the very least (I’m thinking Maldivian sunset for my happy holibobs, planned at Butlins) would def increase my monthly squirrelling.! One small step for Monzo-kind?

(Charlie Kelly) #25

Don’t think this will happen any time soon. Barclays already do this but I think Monzo will be sticking with Hot Coral!


At least until they are a household name and then there is not the same reasoning to keep the distinctive brand building card

(Charlie Kelly) #27

Not sure it’s entirely a brand-building move. It is in part, but on the other hand I think it’s the simplicity of just doing one card.


And the cost of only doing one card due to economy of scale of larger print runs, less approvals sign off for variants, etc.

(Thomas Horne) #29

Plus the speed of delivering new cards, surely one design means they can be posted out quicker.

I can’t see a custom card being able to be approved, printed and delivered all by the next morning.

(Simmy) #30

Monzo would be perfect if we could have custom cards :smiley:

(Charlie Kelly) #31

Absolutely - wasn’t even thinking about that!

(Jonathon) #32

I wouldn’t suggest that the first card is. It could be an option (even a chargeable one) that would come with the condition it takes longer.

If you get your iPod engraved (those days!) then it took longer - it’s a fairly accepted thing.

(Aalliyah Doyley) #33

They look amazing!! I love how they keep to the Monzo fluorescent theme, I would definitely get one! :smile:

(Ade) #34

I love everything so far with Monzo with the exception of the card colour! It’s personal but I would definitely use the ability to personalise my card. I had a Santander one years ago that cost £5 and enabled me to upload a photo to cover part of the card. I.e the bank branding remained on 25% of the card but the rest was free to play with. I would love something like that and happily pay for it.


Yes. If you don’t like the Hot Coral colour you could change it to something brighter like neon pink!

(Simmy) #36

Could somebody from the staff tell me if custom cards are on the agenda ? It would be awesome to have a custom picture or design on cards.

I know Barclays offer custom cards, anywhere else ?

(Jack) #37

Latest update:

(Jordan Taylor) #38

I think that this early on, the hot coral helps promote the brand, particularly as I’m always receiving comments about how bright the card is! Which then I let them know it’s Monzo.

(Derek Beck) #39

What if we could do a custom card like Barclays do? Even if we have to pay a small fee to cover costs I wouldn’t mind.

I redesigned the Monzo Debit Card! What are your thoughts?

We could put cat pictures on custom Monzo cards. :wink: