Curve chat

That’s was the point. They didn’t have a large swathe of assets. They couldn’t even do a basically search replace on their own site.

@AlanDoe any chance of a clean up :melting_face:


Little pause whilst I tidy up this topic :broom:


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According to Reddit, Curve’s new design is:


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I’m 16 and edgy, graphic design is my passion.


Edgy design and making their product worse is kind of all they seem to have achieved in the last couple years.

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Looks like a joke

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That’s disgusting :sweat_smile:

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Wow. Looks like a screenshot from the UI playbook from 2005.


I’m not sure it’s a good idea to have one icon only make sense to people who are familiar with 1980s movies.

What do you mean, I see a surprised robot

Seems to be legit:

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They’ve really lost the plot here - what does the wallet section look like though?

That launchpad looks like a beginners attempt at creating a menu not a professional product


To be fair it may have been a design that was from a local primary school competition where the kids design the UI and win curve socks after they went with it.


The whole app is now an embarrassment mode lol. Smb saw it coming hence deleted their forum.

I’ve just taken a look at the Curve app and it doesn’t seem so bad to me.

The Wallet tab looks same/similar to before (and similar to Monzo’s old carousel layout). The Launchpad tab won’t win any beauty contests, but seems functional. Probably if they presented the contents of the Launchpad tab as a list rather than as a grid, and perhaps used a different background wallpaper, people wouldn’t be mocking it.