Current Location option for "Add a new merchant"

I bought a coffee the other day in Reading and the merchant was incorrectly tagged with the wrong name and location (in London).

I went to “Find the right merchant” searched for what it actually was - no results. Does it search everywhere or just in a certain radius around the incorrect merchant?

I tried to add the merchant details manually and it asks you to place the map pin in the correct location - defaulting to the incorrect merchant. I guess if it was a little bit off it would be ok, however when it’s such a big distance it’s quite hard to move the map and get an accurate pin.

It would be great if there was an option to just go to your current location on this map.


Hi Jason,

In the current version it searches in a radius around the incorrect merchant but in the next update you’ll be able to change it so that it searches around your current location as you have suggested. You can also zoom in and out when moving the pin for manual merchant entry to make it somewhat easier to navigate large amounts of space.

Hopefully you’ll find it easier to provide merchant feedback in the next update :grinning:


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That sounds perfect - thanks! :smile: