‘Current account’ number vs updated Number

so I just paid for something then immediately requested a refund. The money came out of my monzo instantly and the retailer says they don’t take my money until they’re picking my items. My headline number on my account shows my money minus the transaction that I just made, (as in without the refund being made yet) but the number next to the ‘updated a few seconds ago’ on my purchase history shows my money with the full original amount of money. Which is correct and when will my money show in my account?

It depends on how long the merchant takes to process your refund - usually up to 5 working days.

As soon as it hits Monzos system it will instantly appear in your account.

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They said they hadn’t taken my money though, it was ASOS If that helps

They will have put an auth hold on the money, and not released it.

If you’ve cancelled the purchase then get in touch with COps via chat and they should be able to get it sorted for you :slight_smile:

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Thanks Dan, COps?

I think it’s short for Customer Operations.

Sorry I shouldn’t have used that acronym - it stands for the customer service team.

If you tap on the transaction in the app and then tap on ‘something wrong’ and go through the most appropriate options then it’ll take you through to the team (or sometimes you can resolve it in the app yourself!)

Life saver, what a great community that only took 5minutes, thanks guys!


I guess we’re going to have to stop saying “No one here can help you with this, we’re all just customers now.”


We can’t ever guarantee a staff response here but if we can, we will reply!


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