Cú Chulainn Handling Complaints at Monzo?

Rather weird question, but a couple of weeks ago I raised a complaint with Monzo support. Last week (on 13 January to be precise) in response to that complaint I received an email purporting to be from help@monzo.com by someone named ‘Cú Chulainn Complaints Team’.

I apologise in advance if this is an odd question, but I genuinely know quite little about Irish culture. I know that this is the name of a demigod hero from Irish folklore, but I never met anyone with that name in real life. I also could not find neither any examples of such person existing on linked in or just generally on social media or just that this is an actual name that is still being used in Ireland…

A bit concerned too, since my complaint touched on some sensitive/personal financial security questions and that response promissed certain action on Monzo’s side, which have not happened yet. So I am unsure if it’s just someone at Monzo who has an unusual name or a pseudonym or I am in some weird scam or don’t know what…

Alarm bells there. You reportedly raised a complaint with Monzo support (what is not known is how - was it in the Monzo app?), which, if it was, would trigger in-app communications only. If you received an email then that’s not normal protocol. I’ve NEVER received an email from Monzo for support when a support request has been instigated in the app.


To kind of piggyback on the above reply, I’d suggest you should use the in-app contact to ask the question of “was this a legitimate email” and “if so, why the apparently ‘fake’ name?”

Other than suggesting this path for verifying/easing your mind, I can’t make any comment on the possibile legitimacy of the email as, again in common with the above reply, there isn’t enough to go on in the original post to say either way.

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Just to point out, I’m not sure what the policy is at Monzo, but elsewhere it’s not uncommon for support staff to use pseudonyms when interacting with customers.


Staff choose their own alias when they start, to protect their own ID, and the name probably wasn’t checked to understand what it meant.


I’ll try and remember that the next time I’m getting my support request handled by Jörmungandr the World Serpent.


This is exactly what has happened to me.

Coop raised a complaint for me, then had emails about it.

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Have you ever made a complaint with the complaints team? For whatever reason, I’m pretty sure they usually email, everyone who talks about the complaints team here talks about getting emails. I’m guessing because of the several month delays, in app chat isn’t appropriate

“Darth Vader from the complaints team”

Sidenote: I used to work in a call centre, and I can guarantee when they say you’re speaking to “x” you’re almost certainly not. Nearly all of them had ‘phone names’ because there are some proper weirdos out there.

So it may well be legitimate, if not a little interesting and humorous. @HoldenCarver has a good suggestion, verifying it in-app might work. Though, knowing the consistency of support, they’ll probably pass it to a specialist who’ll then ask if you want to raise a new complaint.


One of my roles has me lead a CS team who receive queries through app, web and phone. We originally used real names(few years ago), but needed to change to aliases as people were being added on social media :no_mouth:
My alias isn’t as interesting as ‘Cú Chulainn’, I may need to have a rethink!


Absolutely understand about being pseudo anonymous, especially in the day and age of social media stalking. But I do think the names should be incredibly bland and not have any apparent significance. It’s one thing to get an email from Philip Martin or Daisy Smith, quite another to find that you seem to be communicating with Gautama Buddha or Fred West!


If anything this is solid evidence you are dealing with the actual Monzo complaint team :stuck_out_tongue:

You could always phone and verify it for peace of mind but as others have said I don’t think there’s a reason to worry.


32 days and counting for me


24 days til ombudsman haha.


100%. I imagine this one just slipped through the net. I occasionally have to deal with customer queries that have been escalated and my name there is incredibly vanilla. It’s also interesting that some women opt to use male names as it has an impact on the interactions they have with people.

Also, spare a thought for the people who had no idea that this happens and have only found out via this thread that the people they’re speaking through support to are lying to them. They’re probably sat there now questioning their existence and what’s real and what’s fake…

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This is something that I fully support and have actively encouraged in my own working environments. And similarly, I myself have often used a female name in such situations (and have encouraged other male staff to try the same). Partially through trying to avoid showing an apparent gender bias (why is that whole team male?) but also because it gives an opportunity to learn some of what women may experience.

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Whenever I sell anything on eBay and people ask questions, I’m always female with a kiss on the end. Funny how that seems to calm down any aggression.


Are you telling me that when I was speaking to Hugh Janus and his supervisor Betty Swollocks these weren’t their real names? :rofl:


Yes. :joy:

I am just following up that, indeed, this complaint was first raised through the Monzo Chat. I talked to the person named the same there before receiving the email, and now, after I followed up as suggested here.

So definitely not a scam, indeed someone must be using a pseudonym. But given that ultimately, they still have not resolved the complaint, despite committing to do so in the letter and the chat and with such a strange name selection, it’s a bizarre process overall…

What kind of message does this send to the customer when your case is being handled by someone who uses a literal mythological berserk as their nickname?