Credits/refunds are confusing


So I withdrew £40 from an online casino (I was doing it for TopCashback :stuck_out_tongue:) on Friday and it popped up in my feed today but it didn’t change the balance…

I asked Emma in the help section to see what happened and she advised that there ‘is an authorisation’ and it should take a day or two before it reflects In the balance. Supposing it doesn’t there would be no way of clearly proving my discrepancy without adding up the balance of payments from when I first got the card. On a traditional bank there would be a balance at the end of each day or even month.

It just seems really inconsistent for something in the feed to not count towards the balance, and it would surely make more sense to just withhold it from the feed until it is able to affect the balance.

(Rob) #2

That’s interesting. Any top-ups or top-up loads for me have never hit my account in a ‘pending’ status - they only reflect in the card balance and the transaction feed when they’re actually available funds. Debits on the other hand are reflected in the card balance or transaction feed, even though they can be amended (or even removed) anytime between authorisation and settlement.


Having them greyed or with a pending tag would stop that confusion.

(Rob) #4

That is precisely what I suggested in a previous thread. I would like to think the team are still toying with how to implement this in a nice and eye-pleasing way, but I suspect they’re all a little busy with other stuff at the moment :wink:


They’re definitely not short on features to implement!


I think it is helpful to show some transactions as pending such as foreign transactions (already are), the £1.58 iTunes thing or these credits that take another day to count towards the balance however I don’t think its helpful to highlight all pending transactions as then you’d always have the first 2 days of the feed in a pending status perpetually.

I would assume though that the card checks which take a couple of pound (Amazon does it with £1) are probably difficult to recognize as being card checks.

(James Billingham) #7

Most card checks are actually £0 authorisations - just checking that the card exists and the security details are correct.