Credit scores in-app

Just been doing my annual credit checks and an idea came to me; after all the talk recently of incorporating services into the Monzo app. A credit score could be particularly useful; especially if it could be viewed live. I think this would fit in well with the ethos of providing budgeting solutions.


Your credit score is completely made up. Ignore it.


It’s not made up, it’s just non-standardised points that each credit report decide to give and take. helps keep me knowing I’m on the right track at least aha.


The score should be ignored but he still got a point about displaying raw credit report data to allow people to see if anything looks out of place.

Should be opt-in though. I want none of that in my app. CRAs can go to hell.


Yeah, for me it’s more a case of checking if anything has drastically changed suggesting that something untoward has occured in my finances.

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You don’t have a credit score.

You have have a credit history.

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You have credit scores. All different. Probably.

I have this with Barclaycard and it’s optional. They use Experian so if you sign up for a free account with them they show you your credit rating without having to log into a different website :slight_smile:

As you will see from the link below they just integrate the free version, so I would assume there is no cost other than the setup?


This is what I was thinking. The free Experian shows enough to give an idea for general reference (major drops or rises) and can prompt if a full report is needed.


I’m not sure how much a simple credit score would show you, unless you understood it to a degree, and it was there so you could see if anything changed.

The big thing is your credit file - I recently had 2 searches done by American Express (1 intentional, 1 by accident) - Had I not checked, it would have stayed on there for 12 months, and although it wouldn’t have caused too much hassle, it was nice to be able to see it and have it removed.

So whilst it won’t really tell you anything specific, it would be nice to see the scores from the 3 CRA’s once Monzo report to them all.


I like the idea!

You can then add multiple ways to help individuals improve their credit score too. Good service to those who need it.

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You should keep an eye on your report to spot identity fraud, if nothing else.

I’d like an integration that would just notify you of significant changes.


Send me £29.99 and i’ll happily let you know what yours is!

This is more than just credit score. It’s recommendations of products that you are likely to be approved for and comparisons based on your credit history that are more tailored. In addition to the ability to do soft credit applications via Monzo would be great. Its the same service as clearscore/noddle/creditkarma and it would be great to see it all under the Monzo roof as our central finance hub. Ive taken out multiple products via clearscore. Only input the data once and get tailored quotes across the market

Disclaimer: Those companies pay to be promoted this way so they’re likely to not be the best product for you :slight_smile:

Im happy to be given the options and choose. Just cos its advertised doesnt mean its bad.

Its a much better market comparison that going to nationwide only because ive been a nationwide customer for 15 years which is about the extent of the average customers shopping around. I dont always have to have the absolute 100% perfect and best product. I’m happy to to choose the best from 10 options provided and know i’ve got a good deal

Lets hope Monzo can do a great job of being transparent if and when they set up such a marketplace. Ive seen clearscore develop from a pretty poor app to something that is now pretty decent over a year or so. Sure monzo can beat them at the game and get additional revenue