Monzo Travel Insurance a possibility?

I don’t know about anyone else, but with the way Monzo works… i wondered if Monzo would ever offer a really quick and efficient way of buying Travel Insurance based on the personal details you already hold, I would DEFINITELY use it.

I travel a fair bit, and wondered if this would be something that’s ever been looked at?

Potentially a money-maker or not?


I’d imagine it’s probably something they’ll be considering for their marketplace plan. I’m not sure whether they have any plans to offer this kind of thing directly though.


Honestly… I hope not. I want a bank not an insurance company.


Hey, where there’s insurance there’s money… and banks deal in money, so you can’t knock it as a solid money-spinner.

However, I meant more the ability to just turn it on when you go away, tell Monzo where you’re going, turn it off when you’re back home. All linked through the Monzo app.

It would make sense as your bank holds your personal details and would avoid having to enter your details into search sites… or annoying 3rd parties selling your details multiple times.


Fair, fair. Throwing it out there to see is all!

Why would you turn it off when in the UK? It can protect against UK trips and cancelled bookings too.

I think Monzo’s plan of using your details to streamline buying this type of product in the marketplace is the way to go. Monzo doesn’t have to provide these things itself.


It depends on costs. I always look for the best deal, so unless they always offer that, which isn’t likely, I wouldn’t use it.

A couple of points;

  1. It’s too late to turn it on when you leave. You need to turn it on as soon as you pay for your trip; you don’t want to be out of pocket if you, or on of your party are unable to travel.
  2. Monzo will need your past medical history in order to provide cheap medical cover.
  3. Monzo will need to know whether you are on a business trip, or are going to do “hazardous” activities.

None of that is insurmountable, just something to bear in mind👍


They’re finer details… but all doable. Some travel companies that offer pre-paid cards offer this, and I would find it super handy to just turn it on or off.

You don’t necessarily need to turn it on as soon as you book, but yep, it’s recommended. Was thinking more about medical insurance.

True. Monzo can pick up flight details in transactions right, so presumably it would be possible to suggest or initiate insurance automatically as soon as you’ve paid for flight. That would help a lot of people who forget and leave it till the last minute


Starling offer travel insurance via their marketplace currently so there’s a model there for how it could be done

I’m sure Monzo would be thinking about this in marketplace terms as well. So integrating seamlessly with a travel insurance provider rather than providing it in house


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Oh ok. Well it seems like a no-brainer. Didn’t even realise Starling offered this already!

The question is whether it would be cheaper I’ve used Expedia recently it was so cheap. Albeit two adults to Paris and it cost me like £7.
EDIT: does anyone know if long term mental health disorders need to be disclosed? As maybe a niche travel focus on long term health issues and mental health could make better sense and fit monzos ethics

Normally, you’ll be asked questions regarding your past medical history. I’ve been asked about depression in the past, but I can’t recall having answered any other mental health questions, though that will vary between providers.

I think Nationwide just asked for a list of prescribed medication in the last 12 months.

If you think it might be relevant, then you should disclose it, certainly. I have heard of claims being refused because the person failed to disclose some prescribed sleeping pills after claiming for something which was completely unrelated.

Insurance is supposedly based on a completely fair contract. So they set out clearly what is being covered, and in return you are completely open and honest about the risk you are asking them to cover.

Hope that helps. :+1:

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Would be very keen to see if Monzo will offer this.

I’ve never had a diagnosed mental health disorder, very interesting information as I think that’s Monzos way into “travel insurance” niche health based insurance

Why on earth would Monzo offer its own travel insurance? It’s not an insurance company.

It doesn’t even offer its own savings account.

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It wouldn’t be its own travel insurance… but integrated into the app, and then Monzo would get a financial kickback from the insurer

Monzo just started this thread, you may be interested in taking a look.

Travel insurance is usually always something offered by these types of accounts.

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