Credit Card inside Monzo 👀

Eugh - i escaped from Amex prison last year. It was a bit like being under-age…wondering if you’d get served. Mine even had its own Visa card as backup!


I’ve found acceptance pretty good around Telford, Birmingham and Shrewsbury.
I mainly use it for fuel as it’s definitely a committed spend that I can easily earn interest on.
My other half uses it too and has recently done both her car insurance and phone purchase amassing quite a bit of cashback.


I was in Raynes Park in South London a year or two back for a training course with my work Amex for expenses

Could not find a single restaurant after several miles of walking that would accept it. Eventually ended up buying my dinner from the nice new Waitrose

Did have much better luck in Aldgate East/Whitechapel last year on another course, but mainly due to the growth of iZettle

The same work Amex got on great in Denmark two years ago. Pretty much everywhere took it including all taxis. The only place than did not was the railway station, which is a bit ironic as it is about the only place it is guaranteed to work in the UK!

I feel I need to spend my weekend wondering around the area to verify this slight on local businesses :wink:

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it doesnt like the hyphen - had same issue as my domain has a hyphen also

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if anyone has a Costco card id recommend the Amex true earners card, seems best for cashback rewards


I live very close to there. I can’t remember specifics, but I used to get loads of refusals all over London (and the world).

I’ve found Amex acceptance to be improving all the time. Big retailers almost all take it and as noted already, thanks to iZettle and similar, many small businesses can too. My local dry cleaners, barber and independent coffee place all take Amex now.

The peculiarity of contactless not working everywhere that accepts Amex is a bit of a frustration, but it’s a first world problem.

I like a minimalist wallet as much as anyone, but I’m happy to carry four or five cards, so I have enough room to carry a back-up - in my case the Tandem Mastercard (although I’ve recently had a mysterious acceptance issue with that too…).

Seeing my Amex details in the Monzo app should make my life much easier!


I don’t think this thread really needs to turn into an Amex referral thread :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

We’ve got the excellent Referral Wiki: Post/Find Here for that, after all :wink:


Are we supposed to flag referral stuff that isn’t in the right area as spam?

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It might be worth one of the @Coral-Crew split all the general Amex chat, which isn’t really related to having a Credit Card inside Monzo, into a different thread/new topic?

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I don’t think it’s quite at that level :blush:

But yeah, this would be good :pray::grin:

We need a :bat_signal: emoji hehe :yum:

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Don’t we just shout for the @Coral-Crew ?


Hello :wave:t3:


Just for folks who might not have seen this :sunglasses:

Amex inside monzo is totally becoming a thing :heart_eyes: I won’t be able to see it first hand but it’s very exciting to see progress on this nonetheless :tada:

We now have confirmation that it’ll at least show us balance information, when there are more updates to this I’ll definitely be posting them :wink:


Exciting :eyes:

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I’m surprised at some of the moves Monzo is making.

I’m sure people are working very hard on this (or, at least , they’re busy with it…) but there are many things that could be added to Monzo ahead of this that would add much more value to the product.

I don’t know how Monzo feels about getting ideas from other apps/fin-Tech, but I can think of a few things that could be, ahem, “borrowed” from apps like Money Dashboard and Qurve that would improve Monzo more than specific (AMEX) integrations…


That’s in your opinion, though. My opinion is that having my Amex in-app would help me out a lot. It’s definitely more use to me than some of the other enhancements that might be on the way.

If they haven’t been raised before, you should definitely create a topic for them.