Credit Card inside Monzo 👀

Any plans for Monzo to create its own credit card??

Toms not really a fan of credit cards but equally I wouldn’t be surprised if they appeared.

@edwoollard is it too early to ask if this will be just a balance check or will you be able to pull across actual items into the feed?

That could be game changing to become “the financial hub” Monzo wants to be

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I’d hope it’ll be a pull of the feed.

Tandem currently manage it with my Barclaycard.

If Monzo manage to integrate the spending feed with my current account, that really would be a game changer! Imagine if I set up a “Credit Card” pot and each time I spend on my card Monzo immediately take that amount from my current account and put it into that pot. Then the direct debit to pay off that card comes from that pot and pays it off in full. Would make cashback cards a breeze.

And as part of that, if they pulled the feed from the credit card, maybe those could be included in the monthly buget catagorisation.

There’s LOADS they could do with this!


Sounds amazing doesnt it.

I think if they achieved the combination of:

  • Feed pull from credit card
  • Credit card/Committed spending pot
  • Custom Categories for budgeting

Monzo would become an unbeatable force and really market leading.


I’ve assumed we’re talking balance only at the moment.

I think I’m an odd-ball in that I’m really nervous about any sort of feed integration and how that might affect the clarity of visibility of my current account. On the flip side, I see all the benefits but I just don’t know if it would break the way I work.


I think it’s makes sense to eventually get filters on the transaction list.

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Yeah could lend well to swipe left and right actions to show a current account feed, credit card feed, joined feed.

Only thing i think monzo could struggle on this is how to show legacy banks feeds for “pending” transactions but im sure someone at monzo could solve it.

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I’m not sure Monzo would want to show legacy bank feeds because it could encourage people to use a legacy banks for their main account then use Monzo’s features.

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Ahh sorry i actually did mean my credit card but used the term legacy by mistake.

The only thing i use my legacy for is salary, cash deposits and 0% overdraft when needed so wouldnt need to see the feed in monzo :blush:


Coultd you just not use if it doesn’t suit your workflow?

Would this affect Monzo’s interchange fee income and therefore not be attractive for them to implement? My understanding of these things is limited so I may be wrong.

It would only affect Monzo’s interchange fee income if it lead to people using their credit card more instead of their Monzo card.

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I know monzo get an interchange fee per transaction on the monzo card.

But would they get a fee (proportion) of say a direct debit to amex say in this case?

Quality service from Amex

Applied for cash back card Sunday night, arrived in post today. Just waiting on Monzo now :pray:

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Amex is popular? It’s probs the must under accepted credit card in the world, I’d not both.

I rarely have acceptance issues. At least in the uk anyway.


Is this thread going to get flooded with referral links?

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Same. Most small shops don’t accept AMEX

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Now that’s interesting, I know the cash back is amazing and had one a few years ago but found it nearly useless as most restaurants or non-chain stores simply did accept it. Maybe it’s time for another whirl :grinning: