Credit Card inside Monzo ๐Ÿ‘€

Iโ€™ve been thinking about this one.

What would help you (and possibly me), by Monzo showing the balance?

If it was bang up to date, including pending transactions (which the Amex app shows in the feed, but not the balance), then it would save me having to open the Amex app.

If it showed the actual transactions as well, even better, although I rarely look at that.

If it somehow allowed me to pay it off through the Monzo app (Iโ€™ve always gone through the Amex app to pay it off, rather than a bank transfer) - Great.

What else would be useful?


Donโ€™t think it works like that for dd

I usually pay my Amex in full every month, but this means the total amount of the payment is pretty much unknown to me until I get the bill (or I go in the app), especially as I have some recurring items on there (eg. PSN subscription).

I am in the Monzo app many times during the day, so it just makes sense for it to be visible there, where I can also see the funds available to pay it off too (and take action if the two are wildly out of sync).

So the balance alone is ample for me at this time. Seeing the transactions would be nice, but not strictly needed.


Yeah, I can see that working well for you.

I check my Amex app pretty regularly, and pay it off most weeks.

With it being a joint account, itโ€™s always such a joyous surprise to see how much has been added in such a short space of timeโ€ฆ :joy:

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How does everyone you use Amex with Monzo? I.e tracking spend. Create an Amex pot? Pay Amex every time you use the card?

Probably unpopular on the Monzo forum (sorry!), but Monzo for me is the best app experience for the basic bank stuff (the stuff that legacy banks have been doing for years).

So all of the tracking spend/analytics, pots and other added extras that rely on you using your Monzo card to spend on, are redundant for me.

I just enjoy the app, the ability to see payments that are already in the system (salary, upcoming DDโ€™s etc), and the general UI of the app.


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Nice tweet from Kieran


Iโ€™ve tried to live in Monzo and use the spending tools but theyโ€™re just too basic/incomplete for me so Iโ€™ve just recently started spending on my amex again.

I have a pot that matches my amex balance so the money I spend on it isnโ€™t available for me to also spend with Monzo :+1:

7 days since a sneak peak and itโ€™s already into staff testing :raised_hands: amazing stuff!! :grin:

Wonder if @simonb got his Amex in time for this :eyes:


I did indeed!


Ooh, staff testingโ€ฆ If only we had a friendly member of staff and resident community superstar to tell spill the secrets tell us more!


Yeah Iโ€™m interested to hear how it works?


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I have my Amex but not the right Monzo staff build to connect it yet :joy:

Iโ€™ll let you know once Iโ€™ve had a play around with it.


Definitely check out the tickets and travel side of things, which is one of the perks of having Amex!
Looking forward to seeing the integration when it goes public. Will we see transactions in our feeds too?

Just sold a Friend on Monzo after they were previously reluctant to sign up :grin:

The Amex tweet was enough to convince them (after many previous attempts) :yum:


Is this just going to be Amex initially?

(Apologies, havenโ€™t read the full thread thoroughly).

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Looks like it.

But from what @nexusmaniac has pulled out, the connection to Amex looks fairly standard (itโ€™s the type of thing that a Emma (the app)* and Yolt use. I suppose cost is a potential issue, but aside from that it would need a (hopefully small) amount of effort to configure for other providers.

*I i mean, @Rat_au_van could be using it too. But i havenโ€™t asked her.


Iโ€™d like to confirm that I donโ€™t :+1:


Would this work with a British Airways Amex card do we know?